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SB_UK 03-14-18 03:26 AM

Stephen Hawking

Only one person could have been this good.

SB_UK 03-14-18 10:18 AM

Re: Stephen Hawking
The Theory of Everything actually leads to gaining insight into Everything.
The mind of God == 3 dual and one non-dual interaction in assembling structures on any given abstraction layer.

--An evolutionary/divine break from the old routine, which to be fair - is what evolutionary emergence / divine intervention does.

--So - the most extreme, fun and imaginable future consistent with ALL available information (as described in the thread below) would be something along the lines of:

--Planetary polar shift (the current basis to climate change) resulting in gamma ray exposure triggering (neuro)melanin --- mitochondria gaining the capacity to mimic chloroplast and transduce EM energy into chemical energy through the SCFA (or small molecule fat generation).

--Neuromelanin develops upon asceticism in that reduced free dopamine (the primitive reward system/addictive reward system) is not sequestered into polymer in exposure to the pleasure/pain paradigm; Parkinson's Disease solves here - as a disorder of Neuromelanin loss - solves through altering reward systems.

--The mitochondrion through electron transport chain and uncoupling - satisfy our 2 requirements of food and shelter requiring sun.

--Man shifts into migratory animal and 'chases' the sun (to feed the mitochondrion - explaining why the most common subject that's discussed is the weather and the absence of sun), as occurs in the animal kingdom requiring (of course) one~world (ridiculous ridiculous (stupid man!) national borders to dissolve).
I only require sun (adn veggies for now).

--Note - polygenic common complex diseases combat ^^^ but monogenic diseases too - as out-breeding in this scheme (through migration) occurs.

--In the absence of need for food/shelter -> rentier capitalism dies as rentier capitalism requires the ability to withhold something that the individual needs to survive -> the net effect of this then is for a collapse in all aspects of hierarchy as they're all founded on withholding something that the individual needs -> one~world forms (see 'Man shifts into...' above).

--Ketosis then becomes the standard state - neatly enforcing a metabolic milieu which we have shown - results in optimal physical health (epilepsy and many others (see ALS thread) in which ketosis state has been shown to result in stabilization).

--Ketosis (beta-hydroxybutyrate as HDAC inhibitor (therapeutic target in many diseases)) then kisses goodbye to the genetic (higher controlling epigenetic layer closes off the genetics (evolution by genome) (material world attachment) (competition) (a reward system fixed in physiological necessity ) level of evolution.

-- Currently evolution of informational sensitivity (see Intense World Theory) in which a novel type of mind is arising - this is a mind with a heightened allegiance to pattern recognition - most notably at the proper level in the 4 key departments of University - love, romance {the romantic} (humanities), embracing morality, {the eco/social warrior} (social sciences), understanding context {the truth sayer} (science) and recognition of quality {the creative} (art). So - a novel type of neural machinery which is of heightened sensitivity to informational streams - of which those're 4 of these.

-- This idea now puts in place the proper line between neurological and psychological diseases in that we observe this heightened sensitivity explaining away the mental health spectrum - autism (where Intense World Theory arises) through ADHD to Schizophrenia and learning disorders cave in too - since this new paradigm places a greater emphasis on learning than progenitor species.

We cover (solve) all infectious diseases, monogenic, polygenic, neurological, metabolic, psychological, immunological, cancers, dental, myopia - using this basic idea ... ... which relates to seeing disease as a consequence of what is coming as opposed to the all too popular idea that diseases are evolutionary remnants out of place in current society.

Note ageing is slowed also (occurring through ketosis), lives are extended (proven also) and distress (Hell is with people) is overcome.

The key point though 'd be reward system transition occurring by virtue of all of ^^^ ... ...

Eustress activated - a model of learning in keeping with new man.

SB_UK 03-14-18 10:37 AM

Re: Stephen Hawking
--- Summarising ---
All human disorder/disease can be (will soon be) eradicated

First to come to mind.

Immunological - autoimmune/allergic including T1D - aberrant amplification deactivated

Cancer - no longer fed

Metabolic - most notably T2D and Obesity

Neurological - either metabolic (T3D) or competition (note reward system transition rejects violent sports resulting in head trauma)

Myopia - adequate sun exposure becomes possible given the idea ^^^ above

Learning disabilities - altered learning requirements due to novel form of neural (more sensitive) circuitry.

Dental disease - eliminated through deleting sugar/sweet through imminent metabolic shift

Mental health spectrum - overly sensitive neural circuitry not permitted adequate time for development

Parkinson's Disease - as above (altered usage (reduced) of free dopamine in reward system transition towards dopamine polymerization in neuromelanins)

Infectious diseases - all alleviated by a change in reward system of man which drives us towards arrange high levels of hygiene to all man.

Infectious diseases - no longer emerge through elimination of animal death camps to feed human beings - organic veganism prior to the transition is of course the correct way; no life-form should suffer because of lack of human discipline.

Pollution-borne diseases - die with a change in reward system - the corporation fails and environmental toxins no more; the land/organisms at each level of the tree of life is permitted to recover from that last phase of man displaying violent irresponsibility.

Distress - appropriate relationship of man to man in the new model of human interaction which occurs post imminent polar shift; the shift triggers independence of man (through no longer needing anything) - but also forces assembly of species structure of mind - giving rise to proper social species behaviour / formation.

SB_UK 03-14-18 10:48 AM

Re: Stephen Hawking

List of Common Diseases: Most Common Illnesses

SB_UK 03-14-18 10:54 AM

Re: Stephen Hawking
All arising from one extraordinary post on site 15 years ago.

Is it possible that we should be searching for the reason for ADD, not in the future but in the past?

Originally Posted by Stephen Hawking
Nope, but it’s an annoyingly popular idea. Don’t get us started. (grin…)

St Abile

SB_UK 03-14-18 11:24 AM

Re: Stephen Hawking

SB_UK 03-14-18 11:26 AM

Re: Stephen Hawking
Resulting on the formation of mind

SB_UK 03-14-18 11:28 AM

Re: Stephen Hawking

Originally Posted by _ (Post 1988517)
St Abile


The process to make someone a saint cannot normally start until ... ... after their death.
He's done more than the rest.

SB_UK 03-14-18 11:32 AM

Re: Stephen Hawking
Ideas (so many RIDICULOUS) ideas are swirling around in headspace currently - the polar shift will force any unsubstantiated ideas off the class structure of mind - leaving a social species in its wake - much like the image in fiction of aliens clinging to the outside of a spaceship being discarded (shed) when light speed is accessed. Presumably polar shift as an EM phenomenon 'd occur at light speed.

SB_UK 03-14-18 11:41 AM

Re: Stephen Hawking
Summarising once again

The human mind emerged at the last polar shift (the Laschamp Event (41,400 years ago (+-2000 years)).
The human mind closes off (social species formation) at its successor - set to occur imminently.

All human disease can now be made to make sense.

Human beings are undergoing forced material world detachment (in effect an elimination of the primitive reward system (blood glucose elevation/reduction)) (carbs are the ancient food source) for endogenous de novo (short chain) fat (acetate/butyrate formation).

So - this is the shift from hypo/hyper glycaemia into a state of bliss of stabilized (blood) ketone level.

Need more food ? Then simply step outside.

This shift renders us physical world requirement independent (no longer needing any thing of the material world - neither food nor shelter) - shifting (requiring) the reward system (the primitive reward system is a more acceptable term for original sin) to transition also ... ...

Original sin is discarded by divine/evolutionary event.

At its heart it's all very :-) predicatable given a moment or 15 years thinking.

So - we make a shift from housing material world attached mitochondrion into chloroplast-like mitochondrion of course requiring (animals requiring more) more energy to power animal (gamma ray rather than UV ray) ... ...

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