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Finalpoet 09-16-19 04:42 AM

My life
I was diagnosed with ADHD about 10 years ago. I was offered a prescription for medication for it but I was in denial and never accepted the medication. I am now realizing how my ADHD affects my everyday life. I have been told that ADHD can often be the cause for a person's chronic procrastination. Something I suffer from and has made my time in college come to a standstill. So I am going to speak again with a doctor and see if we can find meds that can suppress my ADHD. More so if it will suppress my problems with extreme procrastination. But scheduling an appointment may take months. So do you have any suggestions to help my procrastinating for now? All I have heard of is meditation. Any other suggestions?

Lunacie 09-16-19 12:33 PM

Re: My life
While you're waiting you could try Omega 3 fish oil supplements. There have
been studies done showing it's effectiveness. Doesn't work for everyone, but
adderall doesn't work for everyone either. I've been taking fish oil for 15 years
and it works very well for me.

acdc01 09-16-19 07:52 PM

Re: My life
What is it you are procrastinating? Easier to come up with ideas on how to stop if we know a little more on it.

For general ideas, a body double helped me a lot. Schedules and Routines helped too. Like when I was in school, I would always study with a study group (body double- someone working at same time you are even if it's on something else) and our routine was to meet at 8 pm on say Thurs night to study together (routine and set time for studying).

I also typically break a task into steps and really think about how I felt about each step and why. Then I would try to either eliminate those steps or make them less painful for me. Like a long time ago, I couldn't get myself to do my own laundry. So I did them once with my sister there (body double) and thought about how I felt as I did each step. I eliminated one step (pick clothes off floor) by putting a basket right next to my shower so I'd just take off my clothes right by the shower and put it in the basket. I realized I got really bored while folding clothes and found that singing made me less bored.

Also, are you sure it will take months to get an appt. I got mine in 1 week. But my insurance was not with a company like Kaiser where the insurance company is also the doctors office. could see how they might drag things out.

Greyhound1 09-16-19 09:16 PM

Re: My life
I procrastinate even with Adderall. I can focus better and think a bit more clearly but it does nothing to help motivate me. Hell, I may even procrastinate more on meds. because they help suppress my anxiety which is the ultimate motivator for me.

I wish, I had the answer for procrastination.

Finalpoet 09-16-19 10:56 PM

Re: My life
I procrastinate on my homework, my at-home therapy exercises, and journal writing. Many other things but that is most important. I can't walk because of a surgery and so I go to physical therapy, which also gives me at-home exercises. I also can't write because of the surgery, my right hand is somewhat paralyzed. So to become left handed I need to write in a journal everyday. Which I don't do. I'm about halfway through college and I don't study like I could or should. Including my homework.

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