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Fuzzy12 12-12-17 05:27 AM

Re: Internet addiction

Originally Posted by Fredrica (Post 1977873)
Spending too much time on the computer can interfere with so many aspects of life, including the ability to connect with people in meaningful ways. What do you think you are avoiding by spending so much time on the internet? Setting boundaries for computer and internet use is important, but being intentional about developing real relationships and engaging in other activities and interests is also necessary.

I guess what I'm avoiding is work. :lol:

Yes, there are a million things I'd like to do which are so much more rewarding than aimless browsing but I spend so much time on my phone that there's never enough time for anything.

I think it works like this for me: I've got a never ending to do list. I don't want to get started on that so instead I browse the internet on my phone. This means I don't have time left for leisure activities either.

Apart from that I also really enjoy browsing the phone eg addf or reading the news. But I also spend like an hour or so reading the stupid reader comments under an article...and that's completely unnecessary.

Fuzzy12 12-12-17 05:28 AM

Re: Internet addiction

Originally Posted by BuckisMunz (Post 1977722)
I tried this app one time, called, 30/30. Basically it's a timer. I would set it to 30 minutes focused time. The 5 minute break for internet, or anything I wanted to do. But during that 30 minutes i couldn't do anything else other than work. But it was a short time, so I knew I could handle 30 minutes of focus knowing I'd get a break. It worked quite well and productivity sky rocketed even though I was taking basically a 10 minute break every hour.

I used something like this at work and it times.

acdc01 12-12-17 09:46 AM

Re: Internet addiction

Originally Posted by Fuzzy12 (Post 1978238)
The problem is that is interferes absolutely with my daily functioning and I struggle to tear myself away even when I know I have to. I use my mobile first thing in the morning and last at night. I even have a quick glance when I wake up in the middle of the night. I worry about all the radiation fuzzling is exposed to but I still can't stop.

Do you think your guilt and anxiety over playing on the internet makes it harder for you to stop playing on the internet? Or is it just tearing yourself away?

If I were you, I'd try an app that blocks you from using your phone (besides making and answering calls) from the time you wake up to noon or what ever time you wanted to reserve for doing other stuff. I think it's easier to not start than it is to stop. I've seen all in one apps before that do that and let you see how many hours you spent playing on the internet each day. Restrict texts as well cause that's like pot, a gateway drug to the Internet lol.

Also, if it turns out you only play on the internet 5 hours a day on average, I'd let this go. The problem then isn't that you can't ever get things done cause of internet. It's that you expect too much of yourself cause you aren't doing any worse than the average person wasting 5 hours a day.

Another idea is just to let it go and hire a nanny, housekeeper or someone to help out. Just accept who you are even if it turns out you do play more than 5 hours a day though regardless it doesn't sound to me like you are addicted at all. You have money. Use it to make life easier.

Are you starting your job soon? Won't the "problem" go away on its own since you have to work anyway. Actually that's something I do when I want to get things done. I schedule an activity that involves someone else first thing in the morning. This way I can't lounge around playing on the internet.

Han123 12-20-17 12:49 PM

Re: Internet addiction
For me it's also super difficult because I do research and I'm on my laptop all day everyday. I need it to write and I need information on the internet. I'm really happy when I can do something I don't need my laptop for, like when I need an actual book from the library and not one that I can only find online, just because then there's less chances of me getting distracted and also if I do get distracted, it'll be for a shorter timespan. I'm also at home, so I don't have any fixed hours and nobody checking on me, which causes a lot of procrastination. I do get things done, but I want to do them faster because it's like I'm working all the time while I'm actually wasting time for the most part, and internet takes up a big portion of that wasted time.

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