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Barbrady1 07-15-17 01:21 AM

Utterly Atrocious at.....
..recalling auditory information. Is this symptomatic of autism, ADHD, CAPD or something else?

Though at 27 years of age I am hardly an old man, I cannot seem to replay even fragments of a conversation I had with someone just a few minutes ago. It's rather embarrassing because if someone tells me something, I invariably forget what they've said within moments. The same applies to songs too, as no matter how many times I hear a song I will always sing it incorrectly.

Upon reflection, with my learning impairments it's a minor miracle that I managed to leave school with a few A Levels.

I am wondering if stimulant medications such as ritalin and adderall could help me in this regard, but I need an ADHD diagnosis before a prescription of such could even be considered. :(

Fourlights77 07-18-17 04:44 PM

Re: Utterly Atrocious at.....
I have this issue as well... I have ADHD and have had this problem my whole life! People just make fun of me for the most part... however it makes it difficult when I'm supposed to remember something someone has told me... I have to take notes if I remember. Siri on the iPhone is fairly helpful for reminding me of such things.

DJ Bill 07-19-17 10:05 AM

Re: Utterly Atrocious at.....
Ummmm. What were we talking about?

Seriously it is my biggest issue. The Ritalin didn't seem to help except possibly to make me aware of it. I have to write things down constantly.

kilted_scotsman 07-19-17 01:39 PM

Re: Utterly Atrocious at.....
Memory issues can be indicative of developmental psychological stress / Complex PTSD.

Things like parental neglect, bullying, threat/violence/aggression etc all impair memory function.

Likewise alcohol & drug use, both prescribed and street can do the same.

sarahsweets 07-21-17 06:16 AM

Re: Utterly Atrocious at.....
definitely see a doctor if you think you have adhd.

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