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riadhd 11-15-17 12:49 AM

Vyvanse and the every day - or not?
Hi, I知 31 years old and have been taking Vyvanse since age 14, increasing doses and now up to 70 mg. At one point during college, I thought I could do without the medication and went six months without taking it.
I then suffered A massive panic attack and I have been experiencing several minor panic attacks ever since.
My psychiatrist currently has me on Vyvanse 70 mg, qd and Xanax 2 mg TID, prn although I usually take 5 mg daily.

When I take Vyvanse, daytime is great! I知 productive at work although shaky at times but my attention is fully driven towards what I need to do.
After that - risky business becomes a major factor. If I知 done with work early, I値l go to my local casino and spend money I don稚 have by cash advancing my checking account and credit cards... If I知 not in the mood to gamble, I値l drink instead. When I drink, I DRINK. A magnum of wine, a few shots and a night cap just to fall asleep.

Without Vyvanse (weekends) - I知 a complete bum. No gym, housework, shopping. 75% if my weekend is spent from my couch. I tend to take 1-2 mg Xanax on the weekends which shouldn稚 get me so tired/lazy but I could be wrong.

I知 curious to see if anyone else has experienced similar symptoms or experiences with Vyvanse- or lack there of, and I知 open to any recommendations based on experience.


sarahsweets 11-15-17 05:14 AM

Re: Vyvanse and the every day - or not?
If that is what happens to you when you take vyvanse then I urge you to consider another medication. It is not supposed to make you want to gamble or drink and based on what you are sharing it sounds like its a very dangerous situation, at least financially. Sometimes too high or even low of a dose can give you a bit of hyperfocus which some people will tell you is a good thing. IMO its an impairment when its on something that is not healthy for you. It sounds like gambling and excessive drinking is unhealthy for you.

theleader 11-24-17 03:01 AM

Re: Vyvanse and the every day - or not?
You have an addictive personality, I get it. I do too.

There is help if you need it. I would speak closely and honestly with your doctors.
There is no easy solution. There is no chemical fix.

I had bad habits too. And if nothing changes, nothing changes.
You need to change your playgrounds and the people who you hang out with.

If you feel like the excessive gambling is a problem, there are gambling support groups and gamblers anonymous meetings you can seek out to find similar people who have gone through the same experiences and have found a way to not lose their shirts.

If you feel like you have a drinking problem, the rooms of AA have a solution that works.

My honest opinion is that you should press the reset button on life and go to a medically assisted Drug and alcohol treatment program and take their suggestions. Benzodiazepines are slavery. Eat some good food and let your mind take a break. Get surrounded with some good company, away from the blackjack dealer.

If you stay sober, off all psychiatric drugs and alcohol, for awhile, like 3-6months, and let the fog clear, you may find that you don稚 need anything at all. If you still feel anxiety, there are medications like Buspar that help anxiety, or clonidine which also helps with add. You can go back to vyvanse if needed,

I personally also prefer shorter-acting IR adderall or even XR to vyvanse. Something about vyvanse I hate is the all-day duration. It can really leave you feeling strung out. Also, it is harder to take a day or two break from the stuff since we are so drained from the day before. At least with IR or XR you have more control over the duration and you can limit yourself to when you really need it.

NightKnight 12-18-17 07:17 AM

Re: Vyvanse and the every day - or not?
Is there a reason that you stop taking the Vyvanse on weekends?

I take it as well, and on the odd day that I forget my pill, I'm completely gassed out. Constant yawning, no energy, and pretty much useless.

I've tried a LOT of medications since my diagnosis, and I've always taken them 7 days week, since my ADHD issues weren't just work/school related, but about keeping my home life and relationship together as well.

The medication also needs to be a part of a complete treatment/management strategy, and not just the single beam holding everything up.

As was mentioned above, it sounds like the gambling/drinking problems are something that need attention.

Whatever you choose to do, try taking small steps. Trying massive lifestyle changes, even with the best intentions, can be extremely difficult and often end in failure and disappointment, which circle back to the negative behaviour.

Good luck and be well.

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