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Appel 01-31-13 01:53 PM

Anyone try D-Aspartic acid?
I have had major issues getting any sort of motivation. Adderall works to a minor extent after the initial high, and leave me feeling like a bunch of overloaded hot wires...and I can get really wound up and tense. So I also take 750mg of Gaba and some other stuff too, it all helps with clarity and mood, but not really acting on my motivations.

So for the heck of it, I tried to go the increase the testosterone route to increase my drive (not my sexual drive mind you, no problem there). So I got some D-Aspartic acid 1500mg and by day 3 $%#cking WOW.

I don't know if I feel ADD with it, my script has ran out and I'm not panicked about getting it refilled like I normally would be. I don't have that crazy hot-wire feeling.

Just out of the blue, I woke up at 4:30 which happens, but instead of going back to sleep, I cleaned up my office, really cleaned it up.

Then I hit the treadmill and actually ran and not just jogged for a bit. I've never done this.

I've been riddled with many other little issues like communication skills and self confidence, I have instantly and drastically improved that situation. Picked a few books and am reading them and it's already working!

I painted our bedroom as a surprise after subtly figuring out what color my wife wanted, she mentioned it once, and it's a big room! I was at the store at 8 in the morning getting paint...I DON'T NORMALLY DO THIS, like this is crazy for me.

So then I quit the D-Aspartic acid because I'm going to go get my regular testosterone levels checked, and yep there went the self motivation, not all...yet, but after that I'm right back on it, I'm going to double it in fact.

So not sure what's working here, is the D-Aspartic acid really boosting my testosterone and motivating me? I did a search on d-aspartic acid and ADHD, and apparently it works on rats with ADHD, crazy huh?

Apparently it's a neurotransmitter too. So now I'm thinking is my body just short on D-Aspartic acid, or is it working as a substitute neurotransmitter?

Anyone have a similar experience or an insight?

Appel 02-05-13 09:15 AM

Re: Anyone try D-Aspartic acid?
Hmm. 100+ reads but no responses.

Well anyway, yeah, my testosterone level was low, it was at 271, now my doc just wants to keep an eye on it, but uh, I'm asking he reconsiders, chart I found online clearly points out I'm below the 5% percentile (I'm 44).

Here's the link:

So guys and gals, at least for me, I truly believe I have found at least one cause for the PI part of ADHD-PI, not having enough testosterone. Women need a certain amount too.

Really, I've been self continued to be self-motivated, go to bed early and get up early, exercise regularly and lose weight, assert myself in a positive manner, just gotten tons of stuff done, and taking on some personal projects I have wanted do.

I'm totally self motivated, I can't believe the turnaround just in a couple of weeks. I really think my ADHD itself is really a minor thing, but majorly aggravated by lack of testosterone. So I implore anyone who has the PI part, just try D-Aspartic acid for a week or so, see if you don't notice a MAJOR difference.

I'll probably give an update in 2-4 weeks, just in case anyone is following...


GeordieDave 02-05-13 09:59 AM

Re: Anyone try D-Aspartic acid?

I'm glad you have found something which is working for you. Never really heard for this product so I am unsure about it and won't touch anything until I gain experience with meds and will only be taking what the doctor prescribes me.

But on the other hand, it does sound interesting. Although I already have enough testorone lol. but regarding your motivation and be able to more things during the day etc.. It's great. I could do with some of that.

Looking forward to reading your next update.

rtchau 02-10-13 08:09 PM

Re: Anyone try D-Aspartic acid?
Haven't tried it personally, but I'm keen to. Given the lack of responses I'd say not many people have tried it, so I'll give it a shot, see how it goes and update the thread accordingly :-)

movingshadow 04-29-13 06:50 PM

Re: Anyone try D-Aspartic acid?
This is interesting. What is this D Acid stuff normally used for? Who normally uses it? Body builders?

I like to do searches for vitamins on Amazon or Google for anything vitamin with Neron in the name. Just to see if I think it might help me. Some of it is very expensive.
What brand did you use of this - just curious. Googled it and I see a lot.
Right now I am taking Vitamin C, D - and experimenting with Gingko Biloba - Also i am on Dex as a script. (I dont like the dex side effect of boosting sex drive) but everything else works well for me. I just want to try natural things.

Crazygirl79 06-02-13 08:32 AM

Re: Anyone try D-Aspartic acid?
I can't say I've tried this stuff but I too will look into it as I can no longer take stimulant medication as I have issues with tics flaring up every time I do, I can't afford $130 per month for Strattera as I'm not working at the moment and I prefer to treat the ADHD as naturally and as drug free as I can.

In the past I've taken Vitamin B Complex, Omega 3 tablets and Zinc, I have also heard that Magnesium and tablets with Omega 3,6 and 9 are good as well.

Sel x

sados420 08-12-13 08:40 AM

Re: Anyone try D-Aspartic acid?
Sorry for reviving the thread. But I used d aspartic acid in bodybuilding for years but never noticed any help with concentration. I used 2g a day along with every vitamin known to man (animal pak).

For the people saying its expensive, finaflex test makes a month supply for 15 on amazon.

There is some research linking it to long term memory issues but if I recall it was inconclusive.

Jps42 08-22-13 02:23 AM

Re: Anyone try D-Aspartic acid?
I started taking small amounts of daa when I started working out hardcore 8 months ago and didnt really do much research on it...

Well let me first tell you that it is by far the best legal supplement you can take for physically transforming your body...

But we are here for ADHD... When I started taking daa it was soley for the purpose of transforming my body which it most certainly did...

But I've always been the guy that would go to the gym for a week or two then quit because I was impatient and the results couldn't come fast enough.. But this time I didn't... For some unknown reason,which I 100% believe now is soley because of daa, I kept at it... 3 days a week for an hour at the gym turned into 6 days a week 2-3 hours a day...

I started getting real pro active with my life taking care if things that I would always put off... For once I was doing the right things at the right time and finishing every thing...

Then came the down fall that brought me to my rise to what I believe will transform my life as what I dreamed it to be as a kid... Being more pro active you have to think about things that you have failed at before or ignored and I started looking at my past and was thinking I think I have lived my hole 24 years with ADHD and didnt have a clue... Constantly interrupting, not finishing, making terrible impulsive decisions, and letting my emotions control my life...

So I decided to go to the doc to see if he thought I had adhd and I told I'm about my first 23 years not about the past few months that I've actually been adhd free without knowing... And he said son its a wonder you passed a single class when you were in school so he put me on Ritalin... Didn't do jack squat... Then next he put me on adderall xr 20 mg again jack squat... Then vyvance this one I could actually tell I was taking it but the insomnia way out weighed the benefits of the medication...

But then I started thinking maybe all the supplements were flushing the meds out quickly so I stopped everything and just took the meds... It kinda helped but I went from going to the gym 6 days a week to doing nothing... Yes I thought a lot more and it shed some light on some things because I could focus but I was focusing only in my head I wasn't really pro active I only thought about what I needed to do but never done it...

This last month I ran out of my med cause my doc appointment got jacked up... So I felt bad for a few days then as I got over it I actually noticed I was a lot more active without it but could tell my focus was shot to ****...

But in this better dealing physically I decide you need to get your lazy *** back in the gym... So I went and got my favorite pre workout which has daa in it its called taze3... And like you said ******* wow I felt like a new man... Focus, mood, and energy threw the damn roof... This baffled me why I felt so good at first... Then I got to thinking something in this has to help me with my adhd so I researched every ingredient in the product... And I'm 100% sure daa is what was treating my adhd...

The downfall was waiting my money on doc visits and highly addictive pharmaceutical meth... The up bring is I know now how to treat my adhd and the doc with more degrees than a thermometer doesn't lol... I know take 2 grams of daa ( 3 grams a day is considered the safe limit) and I take one scoop of taze a day which only has 500mg of daa in it but has a lot of other vitimans in it that I truly believe help it along... 1g of daa when I wake up 1g mid day and 1 scoop of taze before I work out or if I don't workout that day ill take the taze as soon as I get off work...

Just to inform everyone, daa is a natural supplement that can be found in corn... Corn is 40% daa... So u tell me what's safer a cob of corn or scientifically formulated meth! However you would have to eat a **** load of corn to get 3 grams of daa a day... But you can by it at almost any nutrition store... And just an FYI it works way better if you by daa that is combined with sodium it helps it be more soluble in the body...

I'm not a doc so I'm not recommending this just telling my experience ;)... It's your choice choose the pharmaceutical meth that made me scar myself up from picking, make me irritable because I couldn't sleep, made me moody because I over thought everything and actually made me lazy or you can choose to try the all natural supplement that made me focus, better mood, more energy than when I was 16 and not to mention I went from average joe to a guy with abs that never had abs in his life...

And one me thing man I'm 24 so I'm sure it has nothing to do with my testosterone being low being why I feel so great on it... I hope this helps someone who struggles with adhd because I know its been a life changer for me... Y'all be good and always know yourself don't listen to everything you hear because no one knows your body and mind like you... If you think a med isn't working like it should... News flash it prolly isn't... However I'm by no means saying if u have high bp and take meds quit taking ur meds lol... I'm talking about life improvement meds aka crazy people meds lol.

soulsearcher 10-18-18 12:02 PM

Re: Anyone try D-Aspartic acid?
Hello people

I know this is a very old thread but it saves my making a new one. I am currently Undiagnosed but having adhd problems and currently waiting for nhs to tell me if i have adhd.

but what i can say is that I tried D-Aspartic Acid and waw I felt amazing I had no anxiety at all no stress and felt relaxed.

but the problem is this only lasted me around four days then i went back to normal I tried to up the dose but it never worked again shame I felt a different person for them days it worked

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