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*~ §EEK ~* 11-14-06 01:05 AM

Hi I'm *~§EEK~* and here's my story!
Ok, I'm not exactly a "Newbie" anymore! :D I've been posting here for over 7 months and I recently hit the 2000 posts benchmark! Like most ADDers, I just dove right in rather than taking the time to introduce myself!

Anyway, I figured it was about time that I properly introduce myself and share my story! So, here is my story for those that need, or want, or even care to know!


This is a really long story, so if you hate reading really long posts, then you might as well just scroll on down to the next post (Now) my friends, because I'm about to let loose on ya all!! LMAO :D Ok, you've been warned!


I was your typical "problem child" at home and at school. My poor mother always found me at the highest branch of the highest tree if she took her eyes off me for only a moment! I was a spitfire with so much boundless energy that the word "Hyper" in hyperactivity seems like a mild term to describe the energy levels that I had!

Finally, in 3rd grade I was placed on a stimulant for my hyperactivity. This was the late 60's very early 1970's and ADD was not even called ADD back then. It was called "Minimal Brain Dysfunction"! That's a lovely name for ADD don't ya think? LOL :D That's a name I'm sure you will agree would certainly build strong character and give you truckloads of self esteem! Fortunately I was to young to know or even care what it meant!

Unfortunately, by the time I reached the 4th grade, a teacher had talked my mother out of giving me the stimulant that I had been prescribed to take. My mother says she now regrets giving into the pressure! However, there was a lot of negative publicity (just as there is now) about placing children on stimulants. Isn't it strange how things never seem to change! :rolleyes: Anyway, this was right after the "Let's all get stoned" 1960's, so I can understand people's anti-drug views back then. So, I was never put back on stimulants again until I was 32 years old. Which is unfortunate because
I'm sure that I would have really benefited from the stimulant back then, and I'm certain that my life would have not been such a struggle.

Anyway, I continued to have behavior problems and problems in school throughout my remaining 4th 5th and 6th grade school years. So, my parents finally decided
around 1974-75 to place me in a children's psychiatric ward at a large metropolitan hospital for some testing to find out what my major malfunction was, which turned out to be a diagnosis of dyslexia.

After being diagnosed with dyslexia, I attended an LD (Learning Disability) Clinic over the entire summer break as well as 1/2 the school year for some sort of dyslexia training that helped me tremendously to overcome many of the problems I was having in school at the time! However, I can no longer remember exactly what they did to help me overcome the problems I was having! I only know that it made an enormous difference in the grades I was getting, and my emotional problems improve dramatically as well.

Something I should probably point out is that the only reason I was diagnosed with dyslexia way back in 1975 was because my parents recognized that something was seriously wrong, and
(fortunately) they could afford to pay for the medical testing, as well as the help I received at the LD clinic out of their own pockets. (Thank you mom and dad! :) )

Back in 1975 there wasn't any LD testing/training, or as it was called back in the 1970's, "Special Education" classes. However, the next year after I was diagnosed with dyslexia, they had both, an LD teacher, and LD classes. This change at my school took place because of my dyslexia and is one of the more interesting parts of my story.

After the summer in which I received the help I needed for my dyslexia at a "Learning Disability and Dyslexia Clinic", I began my 1st year of junior high school! 3 days after school started I got caught with 3 other kids during lunch break smoking pot! When the teacher saw us, we all bolted to the nearest exit we could find! Apparently, one of us 4 kids dropped or threw the joint down when we all bolted for the doors! Well, obviously the teacher picked it up and took it to the school principle, because within an hour we all were in the principle's office! The principle sent the joint off to our state's FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) crime lab, and so 3 days after school had just started we were all suspended for the rest of the year! Yikes :eek:

Anyway, as I mentioned above, I had been going to a dyslexia clinic (For double sessions) the entire summer for my dyslexia, and I was suppose to be finishing up the last few sessions on weekends since school was starting up again! Well, needless to say, having four kids (11 and 12 year olds) smoking pot in 7th grade didn't go over to well in the small Kansas town we lived in! LOL And I guess it was extra alarming since it was only our 3rd day of school! :eek:

The principle wanted to make an example of the 4 of us, by kicking us out of school for the rest of the year! And we all got the boot for the rest of the year! However, my parents didn't want to just throw away all the money they had already spent at the dyslexia center I was attending, so they continued to drag me up to see the dyslexia specialist for my last few sessions.

Well, I guess the doctors at the dyslexia center somehow convinced my parents that being set back another whole year would not be advantageous for my already bad behavior and self esteem problems. And so, much to my relief, my parents decided that they would go to battle against the school principle to get me back into school as soon as possible! And so my parents hired a lawyer to go with us to juvenile court on the date(s) I was scheduled to appear.

I'm not getting through my story fast enough, so I'm going to cut some corners, and cut to the chase!

My parents (And the lawyer) explained to the judge about my dyslexia problem and fortunately got me back in school! And because I was let back in, the other 3 boys were also let back in! But the principle had so many strict rules and regulations for all of us that it ended up being a daytime nightmare that lasted the entire school year! LOL :D Oh well, that's probably what we all deserved anyway! Of course they wanted all 4 of us to regularly report to the juvenile parole officer!! However, I didn't have to go to the juvy officer. Instead I got an entire year of torturous mind-bending child psychotherapy!! :( LOL :D J/K...

Well, we all almost made it thru to the end of the school year, except for me! At the very end of the school year, my parents were asked to come to the school for a meeting with the school board! LOL, I remember almost like it was yesterday, my parents sitting me down and asking me, "Just tell us what you did”, "You won't be punished", "We just don't want to walk into that meeting next week completely unprepared!” LMAO :D I remember I kept telling my parents over and over, "I don't know what I did", and "I don't remember doing anything wrong!" LOL

Well, the day finally arrived for the big meeting!! (And this is the part that I now remember so vividly!!!) Of course my parents took me along with them to the meeting and had me wait outside in the car while they went inside for the school board meeting (I guess just in case they needed to ask me any questions about what I had done, or bring me into the meeting to face my accusers.) LOL :D

I remember sitting petrified outside in the car waiting, and waiting, and waiting, for the meeting to get over! Eventually, it finally ended, and my mom and dad came out of the building to our car were I was sitting literally scared out of my wits. When they came out of the building, I remember my mother had tears in her eyes, and for some odd reason, my father was smiling, which really confused me at the time! They both got into the car and told me that the school board wanted to know why there was such a dramatic change in my grades and behavior in school the past year!! LOL Boy howdy I was certainly relieved to hear that I wasn't in trouble and kicked out of school for something!!! LOL :D

I certainly was ready to completely forget about the horrible and mysterious school meeting episode, but a day or so later, my mother handed me a letter, which she had written specifically for me to read. In the letter my mother wrote about how extremely proud she and my father were, regarding my accomplishments in school, and the changes in my behavior, both at home, and in school. It was such a wonderfully beautiful, and heart-felt emotional letter, that touched me so deeply, that to this very day, I still have the letter that my mother wrote to me, which is now over 30 years old!!! :)

Anyway, as I said previously mentioned at the very beginning of this post, the next school year, they had a brand new LD teacher, as well as, various LD classes, which a bunch of my classmates attended. As for myself, I never attended any of the new LD classes they had, which was probably because, by then my grades and behavior were a lot better! I guess it was probably because the teachers decided that I didn't need to attend any of the LD classes!

Which was fine with me, because I can still recall the kids that were not attending any LD classes, constantly badgering, and making fun of all the kids that were in the "Special Ed" classes!!! Unfortunately this led to me being consistently involved in verbal battles, and fistfights throughout my remaining years in junior high! Fortunately, during that time I was in school, all the little persecutors who enjoyed making fun of the kids that were in the LD classes, never figured out why I stood up for the "dumb" and "retarded" kids that were in the "Special Ed" classes! And for obvious reasons I never did tell anyone why I did either!

Both my parents and I were very happy when I finally got to leave my old junior high school for a "new start" in high school. Luckily I seldom got into much trouble during high school, like I did in junior high. I'm just curious, don't they now days call "Junior High School", "Middle School" almost ever where throughout the U.S.??

Anyway, regardless of what they call it now, my junior high school years (grades, 7th, 8th, and 9th) was a extremely unpleasant time for me, and is not something I would ever want to have to live thru ever again in my lifetime!! Fortunately however, I really did enjoy all of my high school years, which most likely is the reason why I even considered attending college after I graduated from high school.

Obviously I feel extremely lucky and proud to have had such wonderful parents in my life!! And in hindsight, I'm also a little proud of the fact that just by helping me with the troubles I was having in school, my parents ended up indirectly helping many other children who also received the same help and attention that I received, which also gave them a chance to be successful in school and in life.

However, when I stop to think about all the troubles that I put my parents thru, and especially all the money that they spent out of their own pockets to pay for the testing and training I received for my dyslexia, I can't help but feel guilty for being such a problem child! I realize that I shouldn't think and feel that way! It's not like I had much choice in the matter. Anyway, regardless of these obvious facts, whenever I stop and think about it, (Like at this very moment) I must admit, I still carry a certain degree of guilt for all the trouble I caused for them as a child!

Anyway, to end on a more positive note, I thought you also might find it interesting that just two years prior to me graduating from high school, my mother started going to college!! LOL She discovered after all the work she had done helping me get thru school as a stay at home mother, that she actually enjoyed teaching so much that she decided to go to college and become a teacher.

This made going to college for my sister, and then later for me, a particularly difficult if not odd situation to find your self in as a new college student!! If for example you received a poor grade in one of your college courses, you couldn't just go home and offer up an excuse such as, "You don't know what it's like mom", or even, "College is much more difficult now, compared to when you were going to college back during Stonehenge mom". LMAO :D

Obviously, those excuses wouldn't go over well at my house! So, that made going to college a bit of an odd experience! What made it a particularly difficult situation for us (Her children) was the fact that she was a straight A student all the way thru to getting her "Masters Degree"!
And not just a student that got mostly A's in college, but a full-blown "honors" graduate too! LOL :D
And not just a “Cum Laude" graduate, which is latin for, "with honor"!
And not just a “Magna Cum Laude” graduate, which means "with great honor"
She graduated “Summa Cum Laude”, which in latin means, "with highest honor".
Which is used to express "the highest academic distinction" one can achieve. Yikes!!! :eek:
Which I imagine could make some people feel as if they were competing against their own mom for the best grades in school! LOL :D The good news is, those types of issues didn't even occur in my family! Instead it was a warm and friendly environment of mutual support and understanding, which actually I think made us feel closer! :) Well, except during finals!! LMAO
Then everyone was stressed!!
After graduating my mother taught 4th grade for the next 20 years, and finally retired just this last fall.

So, my Mom became a teacher which had a lot to do with all the experiences that she went thru with me and all my LD related school and behavior problems! So, onward with my story

Anyway, in 1995 after I had been battling severe anxiety and depression for nearly 8 of the last 32 years of my adult life, my mother went to a teacher's
conference and learned that children often do not "outgrow" ADD as they once had thought! She then came home and called me on the phone and told me, "Honey, I think you might have ADD". Of course, at first I just laughed at her silliness, however she persevered until I finally conceded, and agreed to go and be tested!
And you guessed it, she was correct, and once again changed my life with a blink of her eye! And this is how I finally ended up here on our ADD forums! :) I have been on various ADD medications for the last 11 years and fortunately I no longer have the depression and anxiety problems that I once had. Yeehaw! :)

Sometimes I think about just how lucky I have been, having such a cool mom and dad! But then reality rears it's ugly head and reminds me that I still have to carry a lot of emotional baggage for the rest of my life!

I'm guessing, but I think at the rate I'm going I just may get all my mind and brain issues sorted out by the time I reach the ripe old age of 80! I also figured if I don't get all my emotional problems sorted out by 80, it probably won't matter to me, because I probably won't remember what all of them were anymore! That's the best thing about getting old. Your memory starts to go!! LOL :D Eventually our memories will be so porous that all of us will be able to hide are own Easter Eggs! LOL :D

Sorry this was so long, but it's rather difficult to condense 43 years of your life into just a few paragraphs and still keep it interesting! Especially all the turns that my life has taken! LOL :D

Anyway, that's my story! :)

*~ §EEK ~*

EYEFORGOT 11-14-06 01:13 AM

I'll have your post read by the time I'm 80.

Naw, just kidding. Thanks for sharing your life's story. Every ADD child should have the support system that you had.

*~ §EEK ~* 11-14-06 01:19 AM


Originally Posted by EYEFORGOT
I'll have your post read by the time I'm 80.

Now you know why I've put off posting it until now! LOL :D


Originally Posted by EYEFORGOT
Every ADD child should have the support system that you had.

I couldn't agree more! :)

AndreaPurple 11-14-06 11:58 AM

Thanks for sharing your story with us Seek!! I haven't really shared my story either, but I don't think I could remember as much as you do, so mine will be shorter, that may be a good thing!!;) LOL jk:D
And your post wasn't long at all, really!:eek: hehehehe
I agree that every ADD child (and even those without ADD) should have the support system that you had with your parents.
Unfortunately my family added to my promlems, oh well, since I am the one dealing with it myself now, maybe it will make me a stronger person in the long run. I hope so!

Grade A 11-14-06 12:03 PM

Have you ever found those Easter Eggs SEEK? or are the rotting somewhere still to this day lol:D :eek:

Finally we know something about ya. ;) :p

LOV YA Buddy....great story!;)

jeaniebug 11-14-06 12:20 PM


Very cool story, 3 cheers for Mom!

I have had to do a lot of fighting for my daughter's rights, as she is profoundly hearing impaired. I've been to some meetings where everyone in the room disagreed with me. She was mainstreamed into a Catholic school for first grade and was crying everyday before school, biting her fingernails etc. A really good friend said her now adult son was dyslexic and she had the option in 4th grade to move him to a different classroom (different teacher). His teacher wrote everything on the board and they were supposed to copy it. His teacher labeled him as retarded.

While daughter was having such a terrible time in the Catholic school, I called her teacher to ask how she was doing .... "Do you know what she did today?!"

me "No." Her "She took the body of Christ!" OMG :faint: Probably worse than smoking pot, SEEK! And as a first grader. I said "She is crying every day!" In a group meeting one teacher said "All those kids are crying, they will get over it!"

Anyway, my friend, the Mom of a dyslexic son, said she left her son in that classroom because she felt pressured, and it was the worst decision of her life. She told me "You are in charge of your daughter's education. Teachers can make suggestions but it is up to you to decide." So I took her out of Catholic school. Everyone, including my then-husband disagreed.

So anyway the Mom of a dyslexic student really helped me. Now I work with hearing impaired and visually impaired kids. One of the blind boys I work with, age 12, is dyslexic. Several of the boys who are hearing impaired are ADHD. I think my experience comes in handy.
Loved your post! Good luck! :cool: PJ

*~ §EEK ~* 11-14-06 12:50 PM


Originally Posted by Grade A
Have you ever found those Easter Eggs SEEK? or are they rotting somewhere still to this day lol :D

I think all the other kids picked them up! I never was very good at finding the easter eggs! Must be that inattention thang! LOL :D


Originally Posted by jeaniebug
Very cool story, 3 cheers for Mom!

Thanks JB! :)

I'm really happy that I got the part about how important my parent's were across in my story!

Hopefully, other parents will be reminded that they will continue to impact their children's lives until the very end! :) (No matter how old they get!)

Peace! :)

Nova 11-14-06 02:51 PM

Hi Seek !

*waving* hello at you. (0:

charonshanti 11-14-06 03:50 PM

Hey, Seek. Welcome to the forum, even though you've been here longer than I have :D but I did introduce myself before you did:p .

Thanks for telling us your story. It's fun having you on the forum and I always read your posts when I run across them..... But I'm jealous about the whole 2000 post thing. Like who's counting, anyway?! Well, ok, I am... I can't wait to add my own 'title' with my avatar.

SB_UK 11-14-06 04:30 PM

... so why do I see a picture of you leaping offa'building and flying off into the distance - whilst turning Invisible (Seek) - with Solar Life - similarly - but not invisible - more so turning (Fantastic Four style) into a human torch.
Seek the Invisible and Solar Torch.
The mighty duo.
Dynamic's gone and been taken.
So - who you gonna' call?

... hmmm ... i wonder ...

Do you think it's something to do with you guys posting graphical forms of complex mathematical functions?
Seek - you're an adder ...
... *nobody* said anything about multiplication, division and especially nobody said nuttin' about raising to the power of.

page 11-14-06 07:30 PM

Inspiring Post - Thank you Seek!
Nice to meet you Seek! Wow! What a wonderfully open and honest as well as informative post. You are VERY lucky to have such a wonderful mother who obviously knows the true meaning of the word "mother". I think we could all learn something from her persistance and her actions. :)

I especially liked the part about the "letter" she wrote to you. Very touching to me because I've been there myself. I have written little letters like that to my children with the hope that my words will uplift them and give them the courage and strength to battle on, when their own road gets rocky. It is my hope, that my belief in them will empower them to believe in themselves so they can grow up to be the best that they can be.

It's been a month since I was diagnosed ADD. (Inattentive - Long live "La La Land" :o ) I feel so excited to feel somewhat normal. Like you, my depression and anxiety have lifted and I feel like a new person. I've always been in shape, and I work out every day, but I couldn't stop myself from absent mindedly eating and half the time, I didn't realize I was doing it. I am still working out, but instead of just eating without thinking, I am actually able to plan out everything I am going to put into my mouth and base it on the value of the food. I now eat only the highest quality foods, taking into consideration, vitamins, minerals, protiens, omega oils etc - because I can. I have lost 15 lbs, and have about 10 more to go, which I'm certain I will readily accomplish. I have been trying to do that for the past 5 years, the only difference is, I now feel clear, focused, and in control of myself and my actions.

Yesterday, I looked into enrolling into an Undergraduate Program for Psychology. How wonderful it would be to be able to help other people like myself, who were left in the dust to struggle, and perhaps I will be able to help them find their way. I'm scared to do it because I really struggled in school as far as being able to sit and study was concerned. I'm actually very intelligent, but for whatever reason I am scared to death of failing. So I haven't tried. That is about to change. Perhaps the idea of getting a degree sounds a little nutty, or overly ambitious, I almost want to do it to prove to myself that I am actually not just an average or below average student. I'd love to follow through and get straight A's or just get a degree and feel that I finally have something in my life that I have achieved and accomplished other than just being a mom. Don't get me wrong, being a mom is great and rewarding and the BEST job on earth, but my youngest will move out in 5 years and I would like to have something in my life that validates me as a person as well as fulfills me on an emotional level. Does that make sense?

I also wanted to thank you for what writing about how long you've been taking meds. It gave me hope. See, I'm afraid that something will happen, the bubble will burst, the meds will stop working or the doctor will change his mind and I will have to go back to the way things were before I started taking dexedrine. I know it's only been a month, but wow what a difference it has made.

I started writing this reply just to let you know how inspired I felt when I read your post. Somehow, I ended up telling you all about me *sigh*... Your post was honest, informative and well written. It struck a chord with me for whatever reason and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I added to your reputation points because it's one of the best I've read so far. I hope that if anyone else reads Seek's post, and it inspires them, that they will do the same, for it is well deserved.


fasttalkingmom 11-14-06 07:43 PM

I read most of it, a few times I had to skim to be honest.For you I tried, I really tried ;) ....

Your Mom and Dad sound like great people :)

SolarLife 11-15-06 12:48 AM

Hey *~ §EEK ~*

Great story and great parents.

Thanks for sharing and making it so long.

SolarLife 11-15-06 12:53 AM


Originally Posted by SB_UK
... so why do I see a picture of you leaping offa'building and flying off into the distance - whilst turning Invisible (Seek) - with Solar Life - similarly - but not invisible - more so turning (Fantastic Four style) into a human torch.
Seek the Invisible and Solar Torch.
The mighty duo.
Dynamic's gone and been taken.
So - who you gonna' call?

... hmmm ... i wonder ...

Do you think it's something to do with you guys posting graphical forms of complex mathematical functions?
Seek - you're an adder ...
... *nobody* said anything about multiplication, division and especially nobody said nuttin' about raising to the power of.

All I see is a winking baby :D who might leap from the high parabolic fashion...

Nova 11-15-06 01:11 AM

Seek does give the fun impression that he is frequently winking !


Originally Posted by SolarLife
All I see is a winking baby :D who might leap from the high parabolic fashion...:)

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