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asalem 10-04-18 02:38 PM

feeling so overwhelmed
I need help from anybody who has tips on how to manage ones time when there are a zillion things happening. Heres my situation. Currently being evicted living with my brother and his wife (who has life going for him). I just launched my own business detailing cars mobile or sometimes I work at my brothers garage. I have over a 1,000$ in cash and making a good flow of money each day, either by selling things or by detailing cars. I can make up to a 100$ on each car by 3 hours of work. I got no car payment as I am driving a 07 Chrysler van my dad paid off and he gave it to me. I am trying to get my life back on track and launching my own business is a good start but it's overwhelming. I am so busy that I don't know when I should schedule customers, when I should look for a apartment. I have been trying to look for a apartment but I have terrible credit and no job references. I know time is running out. Somedays I get so overwhelmed like today that I find myself driving all through town just doing nothing and going nowhere. In situations like this, I need to stop thinking about life and just relax but I always feels like people are watching me and will look down on if I fail, which I am now. But I can't fail anymore than this. And I feel like I am out husslin to survive. Life is hard now and I can't manage my time. I don't know what to do first. How should I manage my time?

asalem 10-04-18 02:48 PM

Re: feeling so overwhelmed
I am so overwhelmed now. No one is willing to accept me with my credit or they are asking for too much upfront. I can't afford to keep applying with all the application fees. I feel like if this was someone else, they would know how to get through this but I have been looking for over a month now and I can't find any apartment or they are too dirty. Even the dirty ones want some type of reference and i got none. my life is just always a mess. i am not made for this.

peripatetic 10-04-18 03:47 PM

Re: feeling so overwhelmed
do you see a therapist or another mental health professional who could refer you for occupational therapy? i get having trouble organizing, prioritizing, keeping **** straight...i have weekly occupational therapy to manage my self care plus family life, so tackling what you describe sounds to me like you need some help creating structure and timeframes of execution.

if you don't have that support available to you, i would try the white board with post-its approach. make three columns, one is need urgently, one is need, one is completed. write up post-its for the places and people and things you need to see and where they are in the process, and move them along as you complete.

we had a member, who's still semi around, who used the kanban system. i found it super helpful. if you want a link, let me know and i might be able to track down that thread. it basically had you work in 45 minute blocks (if memory serves) and have specific items that could fit into those blocks so you knew what to focus on and for how long. i'm probably not explaining that well, so maybe i'll just message steve a link to this thread...

anyway, i see you and i would be overwhelmed, too.

stef 10-04-18 04:12 PM

Re: feeling so overwhelmed
if you really must move out soon, could you find an inexpensive hotel or furnished room for a couple of weeks?
I don't like this credit rating mentality, i mean if you are starting over and getting things together, you need a place to live, etc.

acdc01 10-04-18 06:08 PM

Re: feeling so overwhelmed
I looked up airbnbs in your city with a shared room filter turned on. $25 per night if you can't find anything else. Pretty cheap if you can't find longer term rent. You might ask if they have discounts for longer stays too if you stay a month. You can stay there temporarily to build up more money to pay off your old landlord and build deposit money.

Is there someone with good credit that might cosign your rent agreement for you? Like parents or something?

When you call apartments, do you think you should warn them ahead of time that you have bad credit and ask if they'll still consider you. That way you dont have to waste your time visiting those that will disqualify you immediately? Not sure on this.

Landlords that rent out their own homes themselves as opposed to professional property management companies are more likely to give you a break so look especially for those types of properties though try others as well.

A lot of people live in their own vans by choice. You could do that for a while unless your area gets too cold. Some walmarts let you park on their properties though check online which allow it before you do it. Truck stops allow overnights in vans. Check your local laws to see of it's legal to sleep in your van before you do it. I don't know how safe (or cold) it is to do this so if you do, do it at your own discretion. Van dwelling is popular where I live . I might do it for travels myself someday though I'll stay at park campsites .

acdc01 10-04-18 06:11 PM

Re: feeling so overwhelmed
As far as time management goes, I'd set certain hours for work and then certain hours for apartment hunting.

Stevuke79 10-04-18 06:29 PM

Re: feeling so overwhelmed
Kanban is good stuff... It might be helpful to you... Maybe check it out..

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