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psychopathetic 10-08-18 01:05 PM

Just fired my so called "case manager" :D

He called and left a message this morning asking me to call back so we could talk.

I called and before he could start...I told him very calmly that I was being serious...and that I was not joking...
That I'd like to fire him. I'd like to be transferred to a different case manager, and if that wasn't possible I'd like to have no case manager as I feel I'm better off having no case manager than continuing to have him as a case manager.

It was frank, to the point...but also completely in control.

We ended up having about a 10 minute conversation...and I think we were both very adult and respectful with each other. You could tell there was tension and frustrations on both of our ends...yet we both let each other speak, and we both spoke without it ever becoming argumentative.

He did say a few things that annoys me...such as he told me that this is my life and it's not his job to do things for me I can do for myself...he then named off things like my apartment, and my hygene, and things like this. When he was done I told him that I don't remember once ever asking for his assistance with any one of the thihngs he I'm not sure why he thinks I had any expectations of him or those...I also mentioned how I still have no clue what he can and can not do for me...that I asked him over and over again to explain what a case manager is and what he can and can not do for he kept telling me and the rest of the group that he was going to exxplain this to us...but he never did. Then he took 1 of our group days away and told us he was going to start using that extra day to start doing more1 on 1 case management for us with that extra day...but a bunch of us are wondering where in the heck that extra case management was...we sure as heck haven't seen any increase of it over the past 6 or so months...

And how it was HIM that kept coming to me saying he could help me with certain things. Like getting me some new clothes. I didn't ask him for that help! I didn't even have a clue it's something he could do for me. It's something he said he could do for me...
So why has it been 6 or 7 months now and nothing's been done about that at all...even though I've asked him several times through the months about it.

He also mentioned something about how he's just doing his job and something about how he's good at it or something...

And I flat out told him that I think he's done a horrible job of being a case manager for me.

He kept pointing indirect ways...that it's on me, and it's my fault that things aren't I haven't done enough for him to warrent his he's SO arrogant and has such a huge ego it's frustrating as hell.

I told him I've got a long list of personal and professional frustrations I have with him from the past year, and that one day soon I'd like to confront him in group about these.
I will NOT be apologizing or to be led to believe that I'm in any way a bad person for HIS attitudes, behaviors, and actions against me. If he can't accept that he's been in the wrong with handling me...hopefully at least a couple of people in the group will side with me and not treat me like I'm the one in the wrong here and that this dude is amazing and is awesome.

So tomorrow I'll be setting up an appointment with my therapist and she'll help me make a transfer to the other case manager at the center if she's got an opening for me.

...I don't ask for hardly anything. But I WILL take any help that I can get at this point in my life. And I don't want someone working against me in getting help available like this dude does...and I do NOT deserve to be made to feel guilty about getting help like he does.

**** him.
He's fired!

:yes: :yes: :yes:

Little Missy 10-08-18 01:12 PM

Re: Just fired my so called "case manager" :D

Lunacie 10-08-18 02:33 PM

Re: Just fired my so called "case manager" :D
:yes: I think this is a VERY good thing.

You need someone who will encourage you and suggest things to try ...

not like this bozo who makes you feel guilty for not being able to do enough
to please him.

He sorta reminds me of your dad. :eyebrow:

SashaBV 10-08-18 04:24 PM

Re: Just fired my so called "case manager" :D
You did good! Sounds like a very adult way to approach a problem (him) and to move on! We all need a bit of help on occasion, which apparently you're not getting from that man! People like's called having a bad attitude! And people with ADHD have enough problems without dealing with a bad attitude.

acdc01 10-08-18 04:41 PM

Re: Just fired my so called "case manager" :D
Good job psycho. I am impressed!

Fuzzy12 10-08-18 05:18 PM

Re: Just fired my so called "case manager" :D
I'm so proud of you I could cry. What amazing news. I've never felt in control of any difficult, important conversation I've ever had so I'm super impressed. It couldn't have been easy but it had to get done and it seems like you handled it just perfectly!! :yes:


stef 10-08-18 05:59 PM

Re: Just fired my so called "case manager" :D
yes, congratulations!

Greyhound1 10-08-18 08:02 PM

Re: Just fired my so called "case manager" :D

Very well done, my friend! Good for you for getting a years worth of frustrations off your chest. I’m proud to see you take action appropriately and stand up for yourself! I’m sure your mom is or would be extremely proud as well to see how you handled this problem like
a pro!:grouphug:

sarahsweets 10-09-18 05:14 AM

Re: Just fired my so called "case manager" :D
This is HUGE and I hope you are able to see how far you have come.

tudorose 10-09-18 06:05 AM

Re: Just fired my so called "case manager" :D
Good. 1st step to taking back your power. This **** disempowered you so now what you need to do is call the shots from day 1 with the next case manager. Go Psycho!!!

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