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MidgetJ3sus 10-02-17 10:10 PM

Your methods
Hello, hello. I'm relatively new to these forums and I wanted to post about a subject that has been trapped in my head for the past few weeks.
I noticed in high school that I suck at multitasking. The way the school system is built, having to constantly redirect your attention from one subject to another, made me a very poor student.
I can't focus on more then one aspect in my life, either my academic, social, or personal life flourishes, the other 2 are always on the verge of death. And I've found that personally, it was hardest for me to maintain my academics because I had to focus on multiple subjects at once.
While I was distracted by learning meaningless material, my friends always thought I would consistently lasp into bouts of depression, because at the end of the day I had no mental energy left to socialize.
Anyways, I was wondering if anyone else experienced something similar, and if so, how'd you deal with it?

aeon 10-02-17 11:46 PM

Re: Your methods
While it may be worse in those with ADHD due to the disability brought about by disordered executive function, it has been shown in multiple studies that human beings in general are poor at multitasking. Even those who would otherwise claim to be able to multitask have demonstrated greatly diminished performance when continual context and situation switching is introduced.

So it's not just you, even if it's an even greater challenge for you.


aeon 10-02-17 11:48 PM

Re: Your methods
Oh, and I'll just say that being mentally exhausted at the end of the day, such that I've got nothing left for anything else...let's just say that I can relate.


Batman55 10-03-17 12:08 AM

Re: Your methods
Studies or not, it appears that NTs excel at some kind of multitasking; it seems like they can hold onto 50 spinning plates at once, while I'm lucky to handle one, and that's an ability I would pay any price to gain. I don't know if that is textbook multitasking but I'm sure you know what I mean. It sure as heck looks like multitasking, whatever it is.

I mean, you know it when you see it, I don't know if it matters that what we're talking about is literally multitasking. It's "multi-pronged functional ability with minimal energy used" and I can't begin to understand this works, since I have never once experienced it.

sarahsweets 10-08-17 06:27 AM

Re: Your methods
I HATE the term multitasking and I think its s myth, something you might be lucky enough to see while riding your unicorn.

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