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Drogheda98 09-03-20 07:53 PM

Eric Eriksons 5th stage, Hello world.
well, heh, Hello ADHD boards.

I figured out the prereflection>reflection, My name, err Initials is JIM, and I'm his reflection. the thought that has been in my mind was "which register does my name actually go into the ego or the Me" the prereflection, and it is not easy explaining this in first person, the "me" is the prereflection. which is reflected by ego, Sigmund Freud had a name for the machine I can't remember off the top of my mind.

funny thing initials, kind of sounds like initiative, especially with the Sir Name, Err My Sir Name


My Sexual identity is that of Male, Heterosexual, sorry I have to express this somewhere, if any of you out there asked me what my sexual Identity is I would say "personally, I'm a male", wow quoting myself is kind of wierd.

Things I can do well from personal experience being in the world and through time and what others have expressed towards Me.

I can cook well, however at the same time not that good at cleaning. I can and will improve out of my own initiative.

I am good at logic, puzzles, heh the amount of riddles I've had to personally solve the past 5 years to put MySelf back together, thus I beleive I contain and possess the ability of Deduction and Intuition. although both can be time sinks, speaking for myself personally. time, it is the only thing any of us, that goes for Me or any of you out there really have.

I will Start spending my time more wisely.

looking back on my Personal living life, I used to be really good at relationships, and personally I've had a 5 year Hiatus while picking up all the pieces and reintegrating them into Myself, when Austin died, it was like he left a cold place on My Skin, our life force got Intertwined and I'll miss Him always, We (Austin and I) where really close, Austin taught Me the importance of Influence, For if it weren't for Austin, I would lack a certain amount of Courage, and how each of us has influence on one another and that influence Rubs off in social settings, especially in Zones or Social Circles.

if it wheren't for Austin My Imagination would be dead in the Water.

I Am ready to get closer to others emotionally

I guess I'm going into Business, Collage life for a while, for I want to be the breadwinner in my future fam Along the road. I've got other things I'm good at and they will help Self-Esteem Wise, I've got memories of plenty to look back on when I need to, when I'm feeling down, and I've got new memories to Create, hope as I understand it, is future driven.

now I just need to create a schedual, action plans, calanders(I guess scheduals falls into the catagory of scheduling) and follow it.

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