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Claudia_0102 11-16-06 02:40 PM

Wow,i love that list. I agree with all of it.

jittery guy 04-09-07 01:47 PM

i am currently doing a paper on add/adhd and found the twelve tips. i showed them to my teacher and now she is going to copy it and make sure that all of the teachers get it. thank you for helping to bring understanding to my school even if only a few teachers pay attention.

Didi 04-17-07 01:11 AM

They should make all teachers carry this with them at all times, you are a genious! Now, how do I get you to explain this to my chemistry teacher. (He's still getting his head around how I can forget my periodic table 22 times in a row, but always remember where I put it after I get to school)

livinginchaos 04-17-07 09:14 PM

It's so great to hear that it's being passed around! I hope it helps the teachers work better with ADHD students :D

I suggest you put this list on the teacher's desk anonymously!!

Paige1989 08-13-07 07:16 AM

I remember seeing that on a while ago...I was on the verge of printing it for my teachers, but I decided to write my own paper on it instead that included my needs, not just a general list of all needs. Being bipolar as well, my list differed a bit from the ADD list so it fits better for me and my teachers took well to it...

Marty 08-23-07 01:55 PM

nice list

I should remember to get something like that to my teachers. since I get all new ones this year


supersomeone 09-08-07 06:40 PM

i can really see # 2 , four i am a b,c+ student w/ a ld so when new teachers especialy ones with the special ed dept. they some times talk to me like i am a idot or they lecture me 20 mins about somethign that i really do not care about . I never ask a ??? twice i would rather not understand than get the look from my peers lol which is kinda sad if you think about it . oh no wait it love this one i perfer sitting in the class room on the sides near the back so that if i need help then i can get help with out being noticed any way the teacher moved me to the front so that i will have less distractions well my teacher is not all that smart she put me near a window where kids eat lunch outside haha

loopy73 09-26-07 05:41 PM

hiya, reading this really has opened my eyes to how my son may be feeling, and im not going to lie it had me in son who is only 8 has ADHD and as a mum i try to imagine and sympathize with him all the time and stand his ground for him as him being so young cannot express question is do any of you children on here know of a good website that he can go on like this one?, this site is amazing but its for teens , id love a forum for someone like my son whos only 8 to go on to talk(with me watching!!,as he is only 8!), i think it would do him good to chat with others going thru the same as him, and he is very computer wizard so he knows how to use it sensibly..any ideas would be very gratefully received guys!!! thankyou so much in advance.

Originally Posted by livinginchaos
12 Things High School Students w/ ADHD Would Like Their Teachers to Know

taken from:

**the list was complied from Teens w/ ADHD

1) I really do forget things, I am not trying to be smart, sassy or arrogant, I simply do not always remember. The myth that if it is important enough I will remember it is just that, a myth.

2) I am not stupid.,

3) I really do complete my homework. It is easy for me to lose papers, leave them at home and otherwise not be able to find my homework at the proper time. Completing homework in a notebook is much easier for me as it will not get lost as easily. Loose papers are difficult for me to keep track of. (Once my mother found my homework in the bread drawer after I had left for school!)

4) If I ask the same question over or ask many questions, it is not out of arrogance. I am trying hard to understand, comprehend and remember what you have said. Please be patient and help me.5) I want to do good. I have struggled with schoolwork for many years and it is frustrating to me. My goal is to do my best and pass this class with flying colors.

6) ADD is not an excuse. ADD really does exist and it does affect my thinking process. I would like to be "normal" and be able to remember and process information quickly, I do not enjoy being "different" and made fun of for my differences.

7) I need your help to succeed. It isn't always easy for me to ask for help and sometimes asking makes me feel stupid. Please be patient with my attempts and offer your help.

8) Please be sure to talk with me in private about behaviors or actions that may not be appropriate. Please do not humiliate me, insult me, or call attention to my weaknesses in front of the class.

9) I do better with a detailed plan and knowing what you expect. If you should change plans in the middle to adapt to some outside influence, please help me to adapt. It may take me longer to adjust to the changes. Structure and guidance are my best allies.

10) I don't like having "special accomodations." Please do not draw attention to them and help me to succeed with the least amount of attention drawn to my ADD.

11) Learn about ADD/ADHD. Read information and find out all you can on how kids with ADD learn and what can make it easier for them.

12) Always remember that I am a person with feelings, needs and goals. These are as important to me as yours are to you.

Paws13 09-26-07 08:51 PM

I'm not sure if there's a forum for people as young as your son. Could I suggest writing things for him in the parents section? He can tell you about what bothers him and you can post it there for him. Other parents can give insite. Because I do agree, the teen section may be a bit old for him.

It is too bad that he can't post on here, but the forum is mostly adults and young adults. Maybe you could try a school counslor, or someone to talk to?

livinginchaos 09-26-07 09:05 PM

If you are comfortable with him being around teens, loopy, i think posting here would be ok. As his parent, it's up to you :)

otherwise, try google.

loopy73 09-27-07 04:45 PM

ok.. thankyou for all your thoughts on it! hugs to all.x

Arei 11-08-07 11:10 PM

Re: 12 Things ADHD High Schoolers want their Teachers to Know
I'm so printing this out and giving it to my Algebra teacher XD And my grandma o.o This makes me feeling like crying..

I can totally relate with the forgetting/losing homework. I have 4 other classes that I have a boatload of papers and notes and notebooks for. I've got 4 other giant books to keep up with and I truly do loose my homework or misplace it, or simply forget it when I walk out the door.

All I really want is some help, understanding, and someone to support me and tell me its gonna be ok (omfg, now im thinking about that scary therapy buddy!!!). I'm strong, but I can't hold out forever, I'm basically holding up my own here.

Chelsea17 03-11-08 07:08 PM

Re: 12 Things ADHD High Schoolers want their Teachers to Know
Ditto, I plan to print this out and give it to my English teacher, she just doesn't understand me! Thanks for posting this!

Booo 07-31-08 05:30 AM

Re: 12 Things ADHD High Schoolers want their Teachers to Know
Great list!
It should be passed out on every school!
ill be translating it now:P

Marty 08-08-08 05:49 PM

Re: 12 Things ADHD High Schoolers want their Teachers to Know
Booo, if you haven't done it already I think I should have it translated around here somewhere.

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