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eats_mice 03-10-18 01:15 PM

How did she find out?
So yesterday I was talking to a friend and she mentioned that I have ADHD. I'm thinking, hold up, wait a minute, why does she think this? Cuz 1. I'm not dx'd, and 2. I never told her that I have ADHD. Really confusing. Think I'm gonna talk to her about it.

FlipperTheWhale 03-10-18 10:40 PM

Re: How did she find out?
I dunno. I hear people saying they are OCD or ADD all the time. I think it is just an expression for people sometimes without really knowing what it's all about.

sarahsweets 03-11-18 07:06 AM

Re: How did she find out?
Sounds like she was just being rude.

eats_mice 03-12-18 01:14 PM

Re: How did she find out?
I wasn't offended, really. It just made me really curious why she thought I have ADHD, cuz I don't even know whether or not I do. And I don't go around telling people that I do.

ToneTone 03-12-18 04:55 PM

Re: How did she find out?
Sometimes the symptoms are more than you might think.

Not being able to concentrate, not paying attention in a conversation (people can tell this way more than many think), not following through on tasks .. leaving lots of tasks incomplete, changing subjects from one sentence to the next without much of a transition ...These are all symptoms.

When I'm around people a while, it's not hard to recognize ADHD. In fact, I had a therapist, who now specializes in ADHD, who herself got diagnosed because her friend was literally reading an article about ADHD and yelled out, "OMG, this is you!"

My therapist said she had no clue up to that point.

After I got diagnosed I call my brother, who was a teacher. And when I told him about my diagnosis, he laughed because he said his students had been asking him for years if he had ADHD. In other words, my brother's lack of follow through and his disorganization was totally obvious to his students. And people can tell when you're disorganized by disinterest vs. disorganized because your brain is just deeply disorganized.

To his credit, after I talked to him, he went and got diagnosed.

eats_mice 03-12-18 09:05 PM

Re: How did she find out?
Yes, it's one of the things on my to-do list (seeing someone about possibly having ADHD I mean). I tried once a couple of years ago and it turned out to be a dead end, thanks to the psychiatrist writing me off as a drug-seeker. (I don't even like taking ibuprofen!). So I plan on seeing someone just as soon as I get myself another job.

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