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Tjerekii 11-08-17 04:30 PM

I was frist
I was the frist.

Hi my name is Tjerekii it is pronounced Cherokee. When I say I was the first it is because I was the first one to get the medication. I was there when they compounded it. The doctor I was saying his name was Steve and if you see this Dave I would like to see you again you changed my life dramatically and when I thought there was no hope you handed out how like it was sunshine in your pocket. There's two forms of desoxyn there is desoxyn, and desoxyn gradumet.

I was prescribed this drug when I was 5 years old I have a rare condition that causes me to have central nervous system dysfunction this is a physical defect that causes hyperactivit attention deficit disorder and if you are classified was central nervous system dysfunction you noticed I put hyperactivity first. My central nervous system disorder is due to a birth defect that gives me a narrowing spinal cord in my neck. Is slows the blood down to my central nervous system therefore they have to give me stimulant class just paid the blood fast enough going through the narrowing to make my central nervous system perform correctly the two vertebrae that are defective in my neck control my heart rate my blood pressure my breathing basically my respiratory system without this medication is like one system taking over and catching up for this lack of another one now that I am older without the medication my abdomen stops working when I don't have it and I have to control my breathing by remembering to breathe in and out.

I had all kind of learning disabilities going through school reading disability which I have overcame today it is known to be the reading disorder dyslexia I also have graphalexia coordination problems perception problems and impulse control problems. The medication desoxyn is named for its function it is methamphetamine hydrochloride active ingredients glucose lactose and saturate is what I get in my inert ingredients this is the truth form of desoxyn. hydrochloride in the active ingredients is what makes it a gradual mat many extended release your body thinks that the hydrochloride is poison which causes your body to react by slowing the absorption rate of anything in your stomach but if you notice there is glucose in the ingredients along with citrate the glucose is a sugar push to cause the ingredients to go into your system faster which causes this medication to not oxidize till it hits your bloodstream hence the word desoxyn dissolves oxidizes in bloodstream which is also helped by the citrate cap we're all is cap with dextro which is sugar from Citrus does oxen is capped in his inert ingredients with only citrate a strong form of citric acid while one is capped in front the other is capped on the end of the medication formulation

If you're receiving desoxyn without hydrochloride you're just for saving I strong stimuli class medicine that is not Time released with hydrochloride but if you're receiving desoxyn gradumet you're probably getting the same format of desoxyn that I am getting and you may also have this rare condition with central nervous system dysfunction if you have access to a PDR Physicians desktop reference if you look it up it will say with or without central nervous system dysfunction anyway take your medication as directed on the bottle and if you have any problems whatsoever take them to your doctor and discuss them I was told as an adult to keep a safe in my house and keep the medication in the safe which it is best to do so because light will kill it also don't tell any of your friends what this medication is or even that you take anything like it because you never know where that information might end up and it could put You In Harm's Way

I would like to wish you are well.
Peace love and respect

midnightstar 11-08-17 04:36 PM

Re: I was frist
Hello and welcome to the forum :)

Fuzzy12 11-08-17 08:14 PM

Re: I was frist
Peace love and respect to you as well!!

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