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datajunkie 10-27-15 04:31 PM

Possible Adderall side effects? new after 18 months
Hi all,

I've been using Corepharma generic IR Adderall for about 18 months. Core works better for me than either name brand or Teva--that was nasty and made me nasty on comedown.

I have a script for 20 mgs twice daily but find that 10-15 mgs 3 times a day, is usually sufficient for my lifestyle and needs. I seldom take a dose after 6 pm and don't have trouble sleeping, and it makes a lot of life easier and safer--my driving reflexes are better and my timing for drumming is much better, overall have had no real negatives with the Core.

For perhaps 8 weeks, I've noticed that while I sleep well enough and wake up refreshed, my thighs, neck, and upper back muscles are very stiff and tight. Yes, I take magnesium and potassium and drink a lot of water. Intermittent at first, nearly every morning now. Not painful, just tight until I stretch and move around.

More recently I've noticed in the past few weeks, feeling 'air hunger'. sometimes slight dizziness, lightheaded, racing pulse with some palpitations, I have had lifelong low grade Mitral Valve Prolapse syndrome symptoms and orthostatic hypotension. Ie. when I stand up or stand too long my blood pressure can plummet making my heart race. The air hunger is new. And also linked with feeling rather like I'm fending off a virus. I've also been feeling either suddenly warm but not sweating or somewhat chilled. Yesterday while filling drinking water jugs from the spring taps--access to free pure mineral water, my clothing was splashed. I didn't get that wet but soon felt very chilled and started to shiver badly. I have some allergy like symptoms and chemical sensitivities also that can come and go seasonally or if stressed that can account for all the above except the air hunger, muscle tightness, chills, shivering or feeling hot. And can give brain fog--generally much better than before adderall. Sorting out which symptoms are due to medication or other factors is complex.

I did find some references to air hunger, short of breath, muscle cramping etc. So could be but is it likely to start after well over a year? I've had some ongoing social stress of the stupid family dramatics type that has come and gone this summer. Much worse with a big flap late June, didn't have any of this then. This lesser crap has led to surges of adrenaline and frustration but then I crash after it is over and takes several days to feel good again. Overall my life is great and I am more grateful for this as 8 years ago my life was shattered and I had to rebuild it. The crashes are not unfamiliar, but outside of one bad case of influenza several years ago that left me drained for 4 months, I've not had any such lingering malaise or been knocked down by physical or mental stress.

My sweetheart and I are very happy, exercise regularly, eat well, generally low stress, lots of fun. For the past 2-3 months however, I feel frustrated that I can't predict when my energy will be up enough to do either chores or hobbies, entertainment and get in 5 hikes a week.

I hadn't been aware of the air hunger often enough to start trying to track if I have any in the morning, or regularly at any time after a dose, on the come down etc.

Some of these are also possible Lyme symptoms, not common in the area and I don't think any ticks have been on me long enough to infect but many Lyme patients never knew they had been bitten. Not ruling it out but before I head to the doc for tick disease testing, I was checking the Adderall for possible connection.

I can't think of any other changes in diet, lifestyle etc. to account for this. I'm overall quite healthy, active and have paid attention to diet, exercise, etc. for 40 years.

Any info and suggestions appreciated.

sarahsweets 10-29-15 04:35 AM

Re: Possible Adderall side effects? new after 18 months
What is air hunger?

Pilgrim 10-29-15 05:53 AM

Re: Possible Adderall side effects? new after 18 months

Originally Posted by sarahsweets (Post 1765851)
What is air hunger?

Not getting enough oxygen so feeling out of breath, ( I think ).

This could be a digestion issue.

Answer, drink more water, ( I think )

Pilgrim 10-29-15 05:56 AM

Re: Possible Adderall side effects? new after 18 months
Air caught in the large or small intestine. Either or both.

I've been going through this.

I drink heaps more water, we don't drink as much as we should.

Also find probiotic helps.

FunkyFreshKicks 10-29-15 12:44 PM

Re: Possible Adderall side effects? new after 18 months
I was recently diagnosed with Severe adult ADHD, and prescribed Adderall XR 20mg. I think that the extended release would potentially suit you better than that you are taking now. I take one at 7 am and then I still have energy up until about 10 or 11pm. I have a healthy diet and lifestyle as well. To be fair, not every side effect symptom shows up in each person. The only side effects that I experience with XR is occasional diarrhea, and upset stomach. Maybe consult your doctor about the benefits of XR versus IR?
Hope that helps.

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