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NotPaulyShore 06-01-12 07:40 PM

My gaming addiction to adderall.
The last 6 months of my life have been plagued by 12+ hour video game sessions every single day. I lost my interest in video games around 15-16 years old I would say and I am 22 now. I was on Adderall from 1st grade up until high school when I went off cold turkey until now. I'm a senior is college now and I got back on about 6 months ago. Everything was going very well for a while. I was doing good in school, working alot, I had a good relationship and all of a sudden, I was addicted to video games and in turn started to abuse my adderall. It sounds ridiculous but it has really put a dark cloud over during this time. I look worn out from staying up all night, I don't work out like I used to, and I am very detached.

I am incredibly frustrated with my problems as of late but I've had some of the best times of my life over the past few months, which sounds absolutely sick because I was inside playing video games all day. I sat down to try out a game with my buddiy about 6 months ago and became very into it, but only because of adderall. When I was waking up and I hadn't taken my dose yet or if it was wearing off at the end of the day, I had absolutely 0 interest in video games, literally no interest at all. However, the thought of playing these video games while taking adderall was more addictive than anything I have ever dealt with and I have no idea why.

I would leave class because I had taken my adderall and couldn't stop thinking about these games. I didn't care to socialize or feel the need to. I only wanted to play when I had my adderall and I knew I could take more if I wanted too. So I started taking upwards of 150mgs and pulling all nighters just to play these ridiculous games. I have never been so addicted to anything in my entire life. And I've had plenty of experience with adderall over long periods of time with virtually no abuse aside from the occassional all nighter during finals week. Now I am going through my script in two weeks and playing video games for 14 hours a day. I have uninstalled the games, lost my passwords, but a part of me doesn't want to stop.

I have made the decision finally to give this up and to start taking my medication as directed and just let the video games fade, as I am sure they will. My life feels incredibly empty without something to obsess over and this past year its been video games. It just so happens those games were always paired with excessive amounts of adderall.

The most confusing part about all of this is that I don't normally like getting high on adderall. If there were no games, I would have no reason to get high and abuse my adderall.

sarahsweets 06-01-12 11:31 PM

Re: My gaming addiction to adderall.
Do you mean that the more video games you play the more adderall you take? What is your prescribed dose?

kuhan1923 06-05-12 03:22 AM

Re: My gaming addiction to adderall.
Im your best guy to help you out with this problem, but do me a favor and do not stop posting here or talking to me until you are addiction free of video games because I know it will not happen instantly :) First off, what video game are you playing?

I've been through this phase in my life, when I first started college, (first or second year WoW was out), i was not addicted, but obsessed with the game; my obsession was being the best, and at that time i was trying to achieve High Warlord. I had no social life (nor did i want one), and was living in this made up world. I got off of it though, the trick is, get bored. Convince yourself how stupid it is what you're doing, it is the only way. The more you know about the enemy (the game), the easier it is to overcome it.

For World of Warcraft, it was a simple thing that clicked for most people that were addicted, for example, one guy i know said, "Why do the mobs attack only the tank?" This realization of how insanely the dumb the game was, and what he was doing with his life made him stop playing. Whatever game, or games you are playing, think about the reason why you are addicted, what are you trying to achieve, and then listen to me: That achievement that you got spending all those hours playing is ****ing useless, it does not mean sh*t, you're not superman. Nobody in the outside world cares!

Obsession is not a bad thing either mate, do you know all the famous people out there in the world, that obsessed about a good thing and made something of themselves? You say you get obsessed with games, that's a good thing, but obsess about things that will matter in life. Obsessing about real life things is much more potent, fulfilling, and interesting than a video game. Take it to another level.

For me, I can't play any video game now, they all insanely bore me. Even new games like Diablo 3 and Starcraft 2, i tried them, and i find them incredibly boring, why? Because atm im obsessed about something that really matters to me, something that will give me incredible long term happiness: Jiu Jitsu and MMA. They're the only things that i think about and everything else bores me.

Instead of escaping reality, find something in life that is much more fascinating than a stupid video game where theyre trying to suck you in like a drug. If all else fails, join a Jiu Jitsu school, and just trust me on this and try it. Greatest fighter of all time, or greatest diablo 3 nerd of all time? It's not a hard decision.

Im envious of your 12 hours of free time btw, please dont waste it (unless youre not sleeping ofc).

kuhan1923 06-05-12 03:30 AM

Re: My gaming addiction to adderall.
Also, another time in my life, i was addicted to this game called Team Fortress Classic (a Halflife mod); i was obsessed because of how good i was at the game, and the physics plus movement of the game was like a hardcore drug to me, i literally felt like an artist in this virtual world. It was tough giving up the game, and i came back to it many times.

What helped me to stop playing it was realizing that the reason why i was so good at this game was because i was playing it literally all day long. If i stopped playing for a month, and came back, i didnt feel that great any longer.

So i stopped playing for a month, had an urge to reinstall, did it, but then when i got whooped by players that were still highly addicted, i stopped playing. Why? Because i knew that i wasnt naturally gifted at the game; I would have to, once again, put in an insane amount of hours to beat these players, and I wasnt stupid enough to do that this time around :)

So know your enemy, why youre addicted to the game, and *knowledge* will solve your addiction/obsession. I hope I was helpful, gl man.

spc123 06-05-12 05:39 AM

Re: My gaming addiction to adderall.
It's a hard road. You have taken the first step, which is deciding to quit. My advice to you is to see if any other medication can help you aside from the stimulants. You seem to have done well without them for the bulk of your time at university.

I also think it would be a good idea to try and put the game in perspective. I was also heavily into World of Warcraft for a while. I was a raid healer, and the game for me consisted of a wall of text. Threat meters, health and mana levels, buff and debuff timers, and boss mods. It ultimately clicked for me when someone mentioned the graphics in some raid or another, and I realized I hadn't seen them. I didn't even know what the bosses looked like. The game might as well have been text based. It was all numbers, and pressing keys to make sure the numbers didn't vary too much. It was another job, except I had to put in more than 40 hours a week, and I didn't get paid. That was enough to end it for me.

sarahsweets 06-05-12 06:15 AM

Re: My gaming addiction to adderall.
I am of the belief that if it doesnt affect your ability to function and have interpersonal relationships with actual people than its just an outlet for you. I could be totally off base though.

Blazta 11-10-16 12:58 PM

Re: My gaming addiction to adderall.
Well... my wife brought this to post to my attention because it's scary how accurate your life sounds to mine. I play longer than 12-14 hrs at times and now my life is falling apart. I am a very strong willed individual but for some reason this monkey on my back won't shake. I played WoW for many years under these circumstances and then I got my life together, went to school, made something of myself, and have really impacted the lives of people. For the last year and half to two years though... this combination has began to slowly unravel the threads I so carefully spun. As of right now I've been playing for almost 24 hours, which is not the longest I've played in one sitting. Even though I've always known I wasn't alone, this post has allowed me to conjure up the nerve to ask for help. I'm afraid my career and family will be gone if this doesn't stop. My wife has put up with this ********* long enough, and I don't blame her if she leaves me tomorrow. I really could have a beautiful life but this is tearing me apart. 8 years ago I turned my life around and I'm slowly going back to which I came from. The gaming and adderall has been a sanctuary I run to in attempts to mask the pain and suffering I see on a daily basis. I definitely have ADD and sometimes it feels like ADDHD. The addiction has never effected my work because I've always separated the gaming/adderall and my work, but the relationships I've made over the years in my field have either led ruin or at best respect from a distance. I am good at what I do and have always been told that, but sometimes that's not enough. Just like a beautiful flower or plant needs tending to, my addiction has made me grow a disinterest in growing those relationships around me. What's worst is I feel my beautiful wife who has given so much and done so much, always there for me, has grown tiresome of my gaming/adderall use. Thank you for post and time in reading mine.

Pilgrim 11-16-16 04:26 AM

Re: My gaming addiction to adderall.
I guess there's a couple of things you have to ask yourself.

Why? Is it getting in the way.

How? Do I prevent the real tangibles going, and maybe them never coming back.

What? Are the real important issues in this situation.

Pilgrim 11-16-16 04:28 AM

Re: My gaming addiction to adderall.
I know this sounds cryptic but I think there's a lot here. Chip away.

Attack30 11-29-17 11:05 AM

Re: My gaming addiction to adderall.
Thank you writing this (and all the responses). I am having the same struggle and I made an account because of this thread. If it's ok I would like to tell you my situation and maybe you guys can give me advice.

I have been taking stimulants for my ADHD since I was 6 and I'm now 31. I've always been on the highest legal dose in the US and never abused my medicine until my addiction to video games became insatiable. My addiction to video games while on adderall/vyvanse/Ritalin didn't start until 3 years ago when my psychiatrist told me I could take extra adderall because my old job had me working a lot of 24 hour shifts (literally sitting in a chair waiting for the phone to ring but I was allowed to play video games. Lol military) and when my daytime dose wears off I am freaking exhausted.

Now I've always been amazing at video games of all genres. I have always identified as a gamer and it was my passion to be the best until I was about 20 and met my wife. but when I started taking the extra adderall and playing 24 hours straight I got this feeling like there was literally nothing better in life; I was in love. Not to mention I noticed My skill level raised to a god tier and even played competitively.

Then the trouble started. I was ripping through a month script in a week or two. The longest session I had was 72 hours straight. But I loved the recognition and now a days you can actually be famous for being a great gamer. I started using alcohol to cope with the long term withdrawal effects and it ended up destroying my life. I lost my family and my job, and the worst part is that I was the one that left my job and family...just so I could focus on gaming.

But last year I decided to make a change. I quit drinking, repaired my family, went back to college, and have been trying to find more hobbies than gaming. I never told anyone about using the stimulants to fuel my video game addiction.

The issue is whenever I take my vyvanse, I now have such a soul crushing urge to play video games THAT I NO LONGER ENJOY! There's no longer any joy after I realized there was no point.

I can't stop taking my medicine. I have severe ADD (so bad my pediatrician and parents thought I was autistic) and I need it to function. I've tried every non-stimulant ADHD medication like concerta, Wellbutrin, etc. but I don't like thme because their side effects make my other conditions unbearable. I keep telling myself that gaming doesn't matter, that I need to focus on school and my family, but that urge is almost uncontrollable.

The past few weeks I find myself taking an extra pill here and there because I can't fight the urge to play a game all night. Whenever this has happened though, and I realized what I've done, I sedate/tranquilize myself immediately.

Will I ever get rid of it? This urge feeling? I hate this craving feeling and I know it won't be satiated.

warmbrew_991 04-09-18 10:25 PM

Re: My gaming addiction to adderall.
When I was self medicating with amphetamines I made a couple bad decisions which led to me staying up for 16 hours grinding on video games during exam periods... luckily that only happened a few times but after the first time and the massive sense of achievement due to the huge progress within the game it was hard to forget the urge and feeling of achievement that I could have.

Lash107 04-22-18 07:56 PM

Re: My gaming addiction to adderall

I am glad you’re making changes for the sake of your relationship with your wife ... and, it will come around to where it is feeling better and better for you, too.

But one thing is relevant.....these darn games CAN be FUN and they are extremely competitive (and some are very expensive, but that’s beyond the scope).

OK, I’m a girl. Woman, lol. :giggle: My S.O. likes gaming and I’d never played a game since I was a kid. I sort of nagged a little bit, but he calmly told me that he’s always been a gamer, and he always will be. He didn’t spend as many hours, perhaps with the exception of the beginning of the game....start your stronghold, create or join an alliance, etc.

So...I thought, “OK, I will join him.” He’s a great man and we have a great relationship to this day. Neither of us were on meds for ADHD then, but I can sleep less than a lot of people (not good).

The problem is when you become really, really you guys know. I’ve played two games with him over several years (one game at a time) and he is really good. We would be ranked number one, consistently, and it gets time-consuming when the rest of the server hates you (but it’s lol, too:lol:) and then other half fears or admires you.

The second game ....I had to quit. We talked about it and I sold my account. We were a very ruthless alliance and had some tough competitors .... the whole thing is international, as you know. We were calling each other at 3 am because someone’s shield went down so we could rally.:lol:

And we had a great time, this wasn’t a kid game, too expensive. Lots of personal relationships did develop, I saw, counting a couple of marriages. I’m not suggesting anything untoward I’m just saying there’s the offgame app everyone joins, etc.

So yeah! I get you. I’m glad I’m out. I basically couldn’t get any quality sleep because I had timed executions and stuff. :o:rolleyes:

I haven’t played one since I’ve been medicated.

One game that IS great and you can control the time.....SkyRim! Great game. I haven’t played in awhile, but it’s right where I left off.

My boyfriend/S.O. still plays games and I might play again, but doubtful. I don’t have the time now. Games like Hearthstone can be cool, too.

I totally won’t play any farm or candy crush games...I’m a “crusher,” lol, so if you’re like that....then take a break. Refocus and get your meds straight. Show what a good husband you are....I occasionally get annoyed when Diablo gets a new version boyfriend loves that one. But, it’s all good. That’s different.

He TOLD me about WOW (as the above poster mentioned)....I’m glad I didn’t play then. I would be all in and that’s a huge commitment of time for your team!

I have fond times of the two games. No regrets. I think us both playing made a difference and, well, kicking **** on everyone is awesome. But, yeah, step back. If I play a competitive game like that again in the future, it will be when I have more time and with my partner.

You’ve got good stuff ahead of you. Coming from a serious girlfriend of a gamer....let go of the guilt. Kiss your wife, do life, meds as directed. Explore other types of fun, too. :)

LyrinMeow 04-27-18 09:42 PM

Re: My gaming addiction to adderall.
I'd like to point out, as Jiu Jitsu and MMA were mentioned, that exercise releases endorphins. You get addicted to those little buggers. I, personally, am addicted to hot power yoga and running. I also have fibromyalgia and it helps me keep my pain under control. It also helps stabilize my moods.

And you get actual visible results and push yourself harder to achieve a higher level of physical fitness just like you would grind in a game. And it really IS addicting.

If you can break away from the games I highly suggest getting into some form of exercise. There are many kinds, something for everyone really.

sarahsweets 05-06-18 05:29 AM

Re: My gaming addiction to adderall.

Originally Posted by LyrinMeow (Post 1993387)
I'd like to point out, as Jiu Jitsu and MMA were mentioned, that exercise releases endorphins. You get addicted to those little buggers. I, personally, am addicted to hot power yoga and running. I also have fibromyalgia and it helps me keep my pain under control. It also helps stabilize my moods.

And you get actual visible results and push yourself harder to achieve a higher level of physical fitness just like you would grind in a game. And it really IS addicting.

If you can break away from the games I highly suggest getting into some form of exercise. There are many kinds, something for everyone really.

I agree with you. 2 years ago when I had a gym membership and was running 2-3 miles a day. I experienced that. The issue with me is I hate running.. hate it and it takes so long to get to a point where I get the pay off of endorphins.. I cant seem to push through the hatred and pain to get their again.
And I do not know where to start again really.

LyrinMeow 05-07-18 05:27 PM

Re: My gaming addiction to adderall.
Couch to 5k programs are pretty good for getting you up there to run again if you are interested. I also hate running inside. It's so... boring. But there are different things you can do. I do hot power yoga, kayaking, and hiking and running. I'm also insanely addicted to pushing myself just that tiny bit further than I should actually go.

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