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Crazygirl79 06-15-12 05:47 AM

I started some voluntary work experience today
Today I started my voluntary/work experience at Autism Queensland today and was reminded of the time when I was one of their clients back in the 1980's, I was at the Sunnybank Hills Centre as a client and now I am doing voluntary/work experience at the Brighton School but nevertheless the playground was a familiar leafy green area with lots of trees just like Sunnybank Hills and it had a pretty cool adventure playground, I was kind of jealous that I didn't get to have a turn on the slide with rolls on it as it would have been great for my sensory integration issues but I'm hardly going to ask for a turn now at the age of 32!! LOL

Today I was placed in the classroom with students with High Functioning Autism and Asperger Syndrome which I enjoyed immensely, next week I hope to gain some further experience with the HFA/AS students as well as students with Low Functioning Autism and the teenagers so I can have an all round perception and experience as a person working with people with Autism Spectrum Disorders rather than as a person who requires services as I have had quiet a bit of experience in that area...

I met a rather interesting child while I was there today and for a brief second I almost forgot my role as an adult and why I was there, I was engrossed in talking and listening to this child in the same manner as two ASD people would if they connected, I was like "No Selena, you have not made a new friend you are here to work" so I got back into the mature and responsible adult mode and continue work as I was meant to...

I am still curious about that slide...oh I'd give anything to be 5 again so I could have my turn!!! LOL anyway I'm not able to have my turn but that aint gonna stop me from touching it and having a discreet spin on those rolly things when nobody is using it...or looking lol. I remember loving things that I could spin, twist, roll and things that had buttons that created soft robotic sounding noises when I was young, anything resembling a musical instrument was a favourite of mine too I remember the triangle and the tamborine...the noises they made were somewhat calming but stimulating at the same time...

At 2.30pm it was time to go home and the children either got picked by Mum or Dad up or caught the bus just like I did when I went to I can remember the song "The wheels on the bus go round and round" I signed out for the day and proceeded to go to T's car and go home just like the children did...


tudorose 06-15-12 06:12 AM

Re: I started some voluntary work experience today
This is great!

I'd make friends with the kids and go down the slide but then everyone at work expects me to act strange occasionally.

If you do a teacher assistant course will that get you a paid job?

Crazygirl79 06-15-12 06:19 AM

Re: I started some voluntary work experience today
I've looked at the teachers assistant course and it won't guarantee me paid employment there but it would look good.

I also do some work at a special school at the moment as well as work with a client with spinal injuries.


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