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livinginchaos 12-23-06 01:23 AM

FACES to go with NAMES 2
Want to share your photo?!

If you wish to place your face with your name, please post your picture in this thread

(the original "Faces to go with Names" thread was closed due to it being such a large thread)

You can post pictures 1 of 2 ways:

- click on "go advanced" on your post
- scroll down to "manage attachments"
- a window will pop up and you'll be able to browse and upload a (small) photo from your computer

- [IMG]type in here the address of the photo without spaces[/IMG]
(using an online photo website or your ADDF photo album)

If you need a better explanation, go here:

********* this thread is for posting pictures only**********

roly poly 12-28-06 03:44 PM

I just copied this and pasted it to my post. Hope I don't scare anybody.:D

Paws13 01-14-07 01:25 AM

This is me...
At school
Attempting to be ghetto (in the front)
And with the cruise ship's captain (look closely at the top of his head)

loserinamailbox 01-15-07 12:29 PM

I don't have many pictures, this is the only clear one... too bad I look drugged and pale as a ghost. Flash.. *shakes head*

starz4lisa 01-15-07 12:37 PM

My Pic.....
I know I'm only new here but I hope it's still ok for me to post this pic.

Now don't be shocked it is quite disturbing lol.
( I hated my hair this color lol):D

Dreeza 01-17-07 12:18 AM

this is me:

MadMike 01-17-07 08:25 PM

The name Monster came from the Steppenwolf Monster album.

Me and the wifey on Monster during the Kids In Custody Ride. My oldest son Skye is at our right.

lfunkhouse 02-23-07 04:47 PM

a self portrait.

netsavy006 03-07-07 10:55 AM

Here is my picture (Andy, netsavy006)
1 Attachment(s)

HardyHar 03-07-07 12:18 PM

Here is a picture of my son, Miles and I. He is my best-est, little buddy. Right now he is 27 months old and I think he was about 22 months old in this picture. Often, I feel like he is my little Stan Laurel because of the situations we get ourselves into!

routhy 04-28-07 09:56 PM

Just found this thread :P


Paws13 05-10-07 09:14 PM

This is my picture, fairly recent.

lunaslobo 05-14-07 07:49 AM

I think I added my picture in the origanal thread but here is a different one. This one appeard on the front page of a small news paper in my city. they were doing a story on my county getting wi-fi and were interviewing people at this coffee shop i go to. I was on my laptop and he took this picture.

xstarchildx 05-14-07 01:35 PM

Me (xstarchildx, my partner Paul and baby Minaya)

gstien 05-14-07 10:45 PM

Okay, this really shows how computer literate I am.
Here's a pic of me, taken with a web cam, for another site.
I took the dern pic, and didn't realize it was backwards.
I can't go back and change it, with the limited knowledge I have.
If you get a mirror (LOL) my shirt says "Miami Vice" for a Miami Vice site I'm on.
It's for the original show, and not that stupid movie!
Just to clear things up.

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