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FocusPocus 08-05-04 01:42 PM

How does caffeine affect your meds?
I'm new to this forum and have been trying to read everything pertinent to my situation. I have learned so much thanks to all of you! Thanks!
However...I've been checking out all the threads and maybe I've missed it but I'm very curious how everyone is affected by caffeine. I'm on 36 mg of Concerta and after a few cups of coffee in the AM I sometimes get a little fidgety. My wife doesn't even want to be near me when I get that way. I switched to "half caf", I don't drink as much, and I even brew it a little weaker than I used to but I'm worried that I am not getting the full benefit of the medication.
Has anyone found the caffeine to counteract the positive effects of Concerta?
Or any other medication for that matter?

MindResearcher 08-17-04 07:52 PM

Im taking adderall 30mg 2x daily and the effects are wearing off to fast, like every 5 hrs i have to dose leaving me with no adderall in my system which would be benificial for another 6-8 hrs, say after 8pm. So i take adderall at 10mg then at 3pm , then i need another dose at 8pm because i do alot of research at night. So im thinking of lowering the adderall dose to 15mg, or even 22.5 and adding a stimulant to each dose, possibly caffeine, but more potent ephedra. I used to take ephedrine alot and i did have some good stimulation from it, for at least 6 hrs, but it was not like adderall, which is less anxiety ridden and more for add. But unless my doc can take me up to 3x daily, i must search for another method

chazinmo 08-18-04 10:25 PM


I have found the effects of caffiene were very bad while on meds (I quit coffee and sodas all together). I would get too stimulated then crash. The roller coaster ups and downs of the caffienne seemed to be very drastic along with the meds.

I feel MUCH better without the coffee.

FtLaudWolf 08-19-04 11:06 AM

I get some anxiety with Adderall, which is way I limit my coffee intake.

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