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Nucking_Futs 04-21-04 02:51 PM

Life...What a joke
What a joke life is.
To throw love back in your face.
To kill hopes and dreams.
To almost achieve only to have the finish line moved.

What a joke life is.
To dream and be told NO.
To hope and be turned away.
To need and be let down.

What a joke life is.
To be so short.
To feel as if it's a million years too long.

What a joke.:p

Draga 04-21-04 04:04 PM

Hugs Futs...everything I have ever dreamed of seams so close to getting and then all taken away from me in the blink of an eye, or just told NO YOU CAN NOT HAVE! So I KNOW How you feel....Hugs and :frog:s. Loves ya!

apcpapergirl 04-21-04 04:46 PM

I hope someday all your dreams DO come true.
I'm sorry for what you are going through.. I truly am.

Love ya

Nucking_Futs 04-21-04 06:00 PM

The good news is....

it can only last a lifetime lol:(

biker 04-21-04 06:32 PM

Sorry to hear your news. It can be overcome and I have seen that first hand. My thoughts are with you.

redletterruth 04-21-04 07:45 PM

:( Im here for you hon,

waywardclam 04-21-04 07:59 PM

Hugs, Cherity...

*sigh* :(

Nucking_Futs 04-21-04 11:51 PM

Dreams change that I can accept,,,Ok I'm lying I can't accept when dream's have to be put on hold because of other issue's that I have NO control over. I can't fix it and I can't make it go away and I cannot see a way around the roadblocks. I think I'm supposed to be one of the little people forever.

waywardclam 04-22-04 12:10 AM

******* it I wish my lottery ticket would hurry up and win. It's overdue. Then I can ship the entire lot of us off to an island somewhere and we can build an entire city to match our collective tastes.

gggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :mad:

Nucking_Futs 04-22-04 12:15 AM

Clam my problem's aren't stemming from money or love right now. It's something I have no control over.

Nucking_Futs 04-22-04 12:16 AM

What I'm writting about has nothing to do with real love or money, it's just that I have had to face the fact that I'm not immortal and I'm not dealing with it all that well right now. But, you of all people know my motto--know your enemy, adjust and overcome.

Draga 04-22-04 12:21 AM

Welcome to the Little people Club Futs...We both are in that ballpark...but still I have to keep faith that the big guy knows what he is doing.

What is Life without it's test,
All in all things will workout for the best.

Love ya Futs!

Nucking_Futs 04-26-04 09:00 AM

Yes well I HATE test's lol

E-boy 04-27-04 08:08 AM

No offense Futs, but I'd feel kind of passed over and ignored if you were immortal and I wasn't....

Everyone has inherent limitations dear. The key thing isn't letting other people decide what's possible for you. Even when it seems like they are the ones with the choices, and you have none.

Life is almost never fair dear, and I know you, of all people, know that well. It is however full of suprises, and there is much to be said for it inspite of all the crap.

Nucking_Futs 04-27-04 10:08 PM

I don't think it would bother me so much if my limitation's were so apparant and personal. I can't even say the word's. I don't expect life to be fair but why can't it at least only torture us once with the same problem why does it have to keep coming back to haunt us?

I joined a forum specific to my need's right now but have been unable to discuss my case yet. I just kinda sit back and watch the other's and am getting a feel of the place to wait and see if I get brave enough. I know it's stupid and I'm sure it shock's you to find me at a loss for word's but miracles do happen lmao.

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