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KarmanMonkey 05-12-20 09:28 AM

Long time no see!
It's been a while, so I thought I'd give a brief update for those who know me:

I now have a 5yo boy and an 18mo girl. My son is showing traits of ADD (my parents are always commenting on how he's "just like you were at that age", and reports from teachers sound all too familiar) so we're trying to support him in learning ways to manage it. He already has a love for boardgames, which I'm thrilled about; it's a bit early for Eclipse or Agricola yet, but he loves Fireball Island and Potion Explosion! Reading is a real struggle; he seems to get upset any time he doesn't immediately recognise a word, and we try to encourage him to breathe until he settles down, then come back to it. The funny thing is that he's very good at it, from my perspective! If anyone has any suggestions, please share (I might post on the parents' section later)

My daughter is slow in learning to talk (just like everyone else in his family) but is making up for it in other ways, and she's a great non-verbal communicator. She's different in a lot of ways than her brother, but there are definite signs she looks up to him and does things to copy him. My son is a great big brother, and loves his sister to death.

As for me, well, work is intense during this time of COVID (the patients where I work aren't allowed to leave the unit for any reason other than discharge, and aren't allowed visitors or care packages; they cope better than I likely would, and have been supporting each other, but tensions are high), and my mental health has been hit or miss. Thankfully our home daycare person is still in business, and has been able to take my son as well while school is out, so that has been a real boon. My wife is working from home, and she's finding it hard to let go of the very real fears surrounding this thing; She and I both are in high-risk groups, so we run about a 60% chance of needing ICU and a 20% chance of not surviving if we catch COVID. We don't like those numbers. Adding to that stress is that we've never put together wills or the like, so we're trying to find the time to do that.

And I'm trying my hand at a few DIY projects... With... Passable results. :-)

Anyway, more later!

Lunacie 05-12-20 07:53 PM

Re: Long time no see!
Good to see you! Congrats on the family!

I know I'm at risk because of several health/age factors, but I haven't seen
any charts that what it adds up to percentage-wise. Makes me curious.

acdc01 05-13-20 03:11 PM

Re: Long time no see!
its good to hear from you karmanmonkey and congrats on your kids.

what diy projects are you trying?

Monox D. I-Fly 05-13-20 09:45 PM

Re: Long time no see!

Originally Posted by KarmanMonkey (Post 2025407)
And I'm trying my hand at a few DIY projects... With... Passable results. :-)

Congratulations! For us ADHDers, "passable results" in doing DIY is a big achievement.

sarahsweets 05-15-20 03:20 AM

Re: Long time no see!
Can you share links with info about the games you mentioned? I have never heard of them and love board games. My family always had a love for games and having a game night with my mom is something we like to do. My son is 24 and my daughter is 16 (they live at home) and lately our game rotation includes: risk, monopoly, trivial pursuit,uno,rummy,clue,cards against humanity and secret hitler. We pulled some games I had scored from a yard sale so we are going learn some new ones. Today I am going to see if I can find backgammon and learn to play.

KarmanMonkey 05-21-20 03:16 PM

Re: Long time no see!
Lunacie, the numbers I quoted were estimates based on a few different sources, none of which I can remember right this moment. I tend to avoid media as much as possible, so my data tends to come from medical research, communiques from the hospital where I work, and reliable information sources (such as the WHO)... It's hard to nail down a specific number, though, since our understanding of the virus changes daily.

ACDC and Monox, I managed to create a play structure for the kids (slide and swings) BY MYSELF, and it hasn't fallen over yet *lol* I did have to backtrack a couple times to correct an earlier mistake, but I got 'er done! I also have built a prototype storage solution for DVDs... My next project may be making a boardgame that's out of print called Ascending Empires; it's crokinole meets space exploration and conquest...

Sarah, you should see my boardgame collection at home; I'm at about 130ish, I think, at last count.

Potion Explosion is sort of a candy crush esque game using marbles,
Fireball Island is a game where you're tourists on an island with an angry volcano idol, collecting artefacts and taking pictures while trying to avoid getting hit by "fireball" marbles,
Agricola is about farming and building a family in pre-industrial times, and
Eclipse is a game where each player is a spacefaring species/nation/whatever and you're exploring, researching technology, and blowing each other up.
I kickstarted Fossilis as well, and am anxiously awaiting its arrival late summer or early fall :-D

Boardgamegeek is a good website for getting a taste for what's out there; there's a whole world of them out there, with all sorts of different themes, types of play, etc. I like playing them because it helps fill the normal awkward small-talky portions of getting to know folks that I have so little patience for! ;-)

There's not many in-person game nights happening, but there are a few "virtual tabletop" websites/programs that help you play over skype or something...

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