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sk1n1m1n 07-06-19 11:10 AM

Useful Apps/Tips
Book and pen: A very simple idea is to have a notebook and jot down what youve got, I have planner/diary I use I also jot my to-do lists in notebooks and then cross them them

Wunderlist - I started using this app, a few years ago back when it first started and since then it's been my number go to for tasks and to do, I put everything I need to do in the app, set as reminders I look it at frequently.

Icalendar (app thats on the iphone) I use this app religiously all of my appointments live on there, reminders, notes, colour coded all learned on youtube.

Evernote: I have always been a huge fan of Evernote, ever since it first came out it's been one place where I have stored all of my notes for college, work or anything needed. I don't need to use other notebooks on the app store.

Hold - This app has become my lifesaver, I started using this app when it was advertised by someone on youtube. and then suddenly I stopped using my mobile unless I wanted to i,e Spotify, music apps, studying and not mindless scrolling through social media

Binaural Beats on Youtube/Spotify etc: OMG, I started using binaural beats for everyday use and I have noticed a huge improvement in life. I am a lot calmer, I make fewer mistakes (typos) and take things easier and calms me down and into that flow state.

Youtube: if you are lacking motivation or trying to get something done, but you are struggling watch some productivity videos on youtube and follow them, repeat what they are doing. So if say for example you are struggling to wake up at a reasonable time, set your mobile alarm further from your bed and move it further to get you up to turn the blasted thing off.
Then follow their day in the life of student etc. i follow ADHD vlogs, chronic illness vlogs, students. ppl with depression and how they get through it, health vids,

Do not disturb mode/wifi off mode: These are absolutely perfect for you, if you want get stuff done, I put my mobile on do not disturb, hold/Forrest and escort to another room while I do stuff. If I am really hating social media and sitting there thinking "have I checked WhatsApp recently, I put it I drawer or turn it off or turn off the cellular and wifi mode.

Texts, emails, messenger, WhatsApp will all be picked up eventually but only time will tell.

Tip: Make your bed in the morning, so you don't jump back in.

axtonboyer 12-13-19 11:22 AM

Re: Useful Apps/Tips
Well, its pretty good and interesting. But sadly, Microsoft is shutdown its "Wunderlist" app. So I prefer other alternatives to keep up with my day today tasks.

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