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Dylantombides 11-28-17 04:39 PM

Do I have ADD / ADHD?
Hi all. New here! I haven't formally been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD but I've been having so many issues in life which have caused me lots of stress and for a long time wondered if it's ADD/ADHD. Excuse the long post but I'll explain below:

I'm 23 and over the last 10 years I have struggled to focus when there's noise around me. I just can't concentrate if someone is talking or I hear sound (e.g. a TV or radio from another room). I know everyone suffers from stuff like this up to an extent but I suffer so much worse and it actually gets me incredibly worked up and frustrated. Even the smallest of noises is enough to disrupt my thinking and I "freeze" and completely forget what I was doing or saying. It seems to be getting worse with age as well. I researched ADD but not sure if that's what I have as I do not have hyperactivity or anything like that.

Noise is the main problem for me but also visual distractions are also a problem (although to a lesser extent). For example when I try and read a website which has moving graphics (e.g. A flashing advert) I struggle to watch it. Or if I'm watching a movie with the family and I see someone in the family on their phone, biting their nails, picking their nose or whatever it puts me off watching the program even if it's just in the corner of my eye. At university this was a major problem and I went to see someone about learning difficulties and she couldn't diagnose it although found something probably unrelated (that I'm dyslexic). I was given Free equipment to help me study but I don't this is dyslexia (in fact I don't think I have dyslexia as I'm good with spelling, grammar and general English).

At university I had to sit in the silent part of the library otherwise I simply could not work. And even up there the slightest bit of noise distracts me. I found myself listening to things like classical music or "concentration" videos to help me focus. When I sleep each night I YouTube things like "music to improve ADD" or "improve focus during sleep" etc. Could anyone help me with what this could be. I had learning support class (special ed) for a bit but I found this incessant for me as whatever I'm experiencing seems to be unique and not what the teachers know about. This severely affects me every day and causes a lot of stress.

To give you an understanding, just in the LAST HOUR some tings that distract me including hearing the rain outside and the noise from the shower water hitting the floor. I also cannot multi task. If someone gets me doing 2 things (even something like talking while driving or crossing the road and talking to a friend at the same time) I struggle. I think the easiest way to describe what I experience is over stimulation to various stimuli (particularly auditory but also visually). My sense of hearing is incredibly strong and I seem to hear every external distraction when I'm trying to focus (even if the noise is very quiet and far away). When I'm often trying to focus on 2 things I become very clumsy and dopey. For example if I'm cooking and really focusing on something else in my head, I may drop the plate/bowl on the floor or spill my food or drink that I'm eating.

My brother has Aspergers but I don't seem to have the symptoms he experiences. In fact he's almost the opposite to me in terms of personality, behaviour etc. I tend to also be 'slow' in certain things - sometimes it takes me a little longer to think things through but once I've understood it I've really fully understood it a lot more than your average joe. Sometimes I'm slow because I have more than one thing in my brain and I need to think about the first thing before I can think about the next (but this isn't always the case). Even though I tend to be slow I tend to have good analytical skills.

midnightstar 11-28-17 04:43 PM

Re: Do I have ADD / ADHD?
Hello and welcome :)

Polyspecific 01-15-18 02:44 PM

Re: Do I have ADD / ADHD?
I know the feeling of the sluggish start with learning new things. I could mistake what you wrote as from my head at 23. Well minus the hearing, my tinnitus was already pretty bad by then.

Go to a diagnostic psych doc to get tested. I don't know about your insurance/health care situation; but if you can afford it it may be a huge benefit Having a specialist run a diagnostic on the cyclone in my head was money well.spent.

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