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Vinpie33 12-05-17 03:21 PM

Canít get out of my job
I just found out that I had ADHD a few months ago. After I couldnít figure out why my Work quality was struggling.
I work for a huge company with many options for jobs, the only problem is that I had a really bad review and now when I apply for jobs that are a better fit for me I get turned down without an interview because of my review. Since I have been taking meds my job performance has been much better, but the standards for my job have been raised for the 2nd year in a row (non ADDers are even struggling to keep up). The only way to improve my review and save my employment is to get a new job in the company. My HR dept has not offered any help and stopped responding to my emails.
I am wondering that before I apply for the next job if I should reach out to the hiring manager and tell them my ADHD story to let them know that the reason for my bad review is that the job does not work well for my ADHD. I have worked for this company for 12 years and I have never had issues like this before.
Any advice will be helpful

sarahsweets 12-06-17 05:37 AM

Re: Canít get out of my job
Never disclose adhd to your employer-ever. Its tempting but all you will be doing is giving them a secret reason to fire you. Have you physically gone into HR and made an appt to talk about other jobs? Emails are ok, but they are not the same as a face with a name.

acdc01 12-06-17 12:32 PM

Re: Canít get out of my job
I think the most ideal thing for you to do is to get another job in another company and fast. They won't be able to see you old performance reviews.

Imo there are cases where you should disclose but I suspect yours isn't one of them.

No one wants to hire someone they know has adhd. And I assume even if you did disclose, your old boss isn't going to give you a good recommendation to your potential boss saying oh yes, she's been doing wonderful at her job now that she's being treated for her adhd. Without that, why should a future boss believe you've changed at all.

The only reason I would disclose in your case is to buy time to find a job outside your company. There is the risk that others may find out about your adhd this way so I'd only do this as a last, last resort. I'd definitely talk to a lawyer before disclosing.

Sorry, I hope you are able to find a good job.

jmtyle 01-16-18 04:43 AM

Re: Canít get out of my job
I have a similar issue, except being great at my job but my interpersonal skills with the management team is horrible. They have talked to me several times about my impulsive rude and sarcastic remarks I have made about them. I am Tech in a hospital and could potentially move departments but the longer I stay at my job, the less likely I'll be able to keep a clean slate. I definitely would not talk to H.R. They are never on the employees side. Also I would not disclose to current or future employees that you have ADHD. If you do try to move jobs, try to convey the strengths that your ADHD provides you in the work place. I always tell interviewers that I am great at multi-tasking and prioritizing instead of telling them that I can't help but bounce around from one thing to another. Good luck.

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