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My Life ADDs Up 11-08-04 03:04 AM

Strattera at 2 1/2 mo.s
Today I tried taking 120mg instead of my 80 mg. I did this because my doctor by phone said that is what we would likely do before I was switched to stimulants. Anyway with strattera in my system and knowing how quickly a missed or late dose affected me I decided to try 120 while off. Then I got called in. hehe... It really had me feeling strange at first, but now tonight for the first time I am focused and calm at home. I am optimistic that maybe this stuff can work after all. I have a high metabolism too, so that probably explains the need for a higher dose.

My wife is going to call my doc tomorrow to see if he will approve me going to 120mg per day from now til my visit. I was disgusted with myself for choosing to go the Strattera route over Ritalin because of almost no noticeable improvement in two months. Now that I see a positive, I am very happy to know that maybe I can avoid the hassle of a controlled substance after all.

For me, Strattera feels like a stimulant right now. It actually makes me tired for periods in the day, but now that it's working it seems like a stimulant. This is probably because of the focus which I've only known from a guy at work giving me a ritalin years ago and also meddling with speed years ago. Ironically I think those were what led me to first consider that I might have ADD. I just never followed up on it then.

I guess I don't have a point. Maybe I'm just posting so I can be scolded for playing with my dosage. I guess I also wanted to give a possible positive note for Strattera. I can't believe I'm this excited and still sitting still.


acnail83 11-08-04 03:46 PM

Thanks! Thats really encouraging. I'm on my fourth day and I'm not noticing much other than a lot of negative side effects. I'm only on 40mg though, and the side effects are slowly beginning to wane, so I'm optimistic. Congrats on the success!

My Life ADDs Up 11-09-04 02:24 AM

Today I took 120mg again as I planned to do. Today was just as rewarding as yesterday. I still had a bit of tiredness and a little time before it took effect, but now tonight I have been calm, focused, and even took my wife out for a drive and a suprise without having to force myself to do something nice for her. Usually I'm just too hyper or impulsive to give her much attention without having to fight to hide my boredom. She definitely noticed the difference in me yesterday and today.

I don't recommend people take their dosages into their own hands, but I was just fed up. I don't have any regrets except I was only going to do it for two days and I expected to consult with my Doc today. I forgot he's not in on Monday's, so I will probably do this for day three tommorrow. I hope he agrees with me or at least doesn't see any reason I can't safely take this dose. I'm not having any symptoms that are any worse than what I had before. Mostly I just get periods of sleepiness and tingling in my head. I also seem to get chills and am more sensitive to cold it seems. All of these are symptoms I've had at 80 mg. I actually think I'm having less with the higher dose simply because I'm so much more calm.


My Life ADDs Up 11-12-04 12:06 AM

I don't know who, if anyone, is checking this thread. I have continued taking 120mg a day since my first post. I finally got a response form my Doctor today who is going to raise me to 100mg a day. If that doesn't work for me then he is going to change my med. I hope it does, because I've really embraced the idea of not having to fool with a controlled substance. I'll pass the word on how well it works.


broK 11-13-04 02:11 AM

James, thank you. ive been on 80 mg for a long time (cant remember at this time) & still asking dr,"so when is it supposed to work?"
i know he wants to raise me to 100 but my next appt is 2 wks,
this makes me think that maybe it can work for me too.

exeter 11-13-04 04:27 AM

Just out of curiosity, are you a big guy? I think the standard dosage for kids on Strattera is 1.2 mg/kg, which, for a 200-lb guy would be 109 mg. (Of course, since you can't really get a 109 mg dose, docs tend to go with 100. 120 should be safe, actually, but I would go with what the doc says. )

My Life ADDs Up 11-13-04 06:09 AM


I'm glad to know I could be an encouragement to you. I'm curious though, is Strattera your first medication also or did stimulants not work out for you.

I have been thinking that if I had tried stimulants first then I could have had more immediate effects to notice. I think that could have helped me more than gradual change. However, after thinking about it, I think my doctor is reluctant to prescribe controlled substances, and who could blame him. It would certainly be better to try Strattera first use the time to confirm diagnosis than to have given someone drugs to sell.

Hopefully your doctor will agree to start the higher dosage. I hope he will be willing to consider other options for you as well if that doesn't work. I think my doctor will, but he was adimant about giving Strattera its maximum chance of working.

As for my success, well after the first two days going so well, since then it has been a little more sporadic. Of course considering two months of 80mg did not convince me of improvment, it makes sense that an increase will need time to work also.


My Life ADDs Up 11-13-04 06:13 AM


Originally Posted by exeter
Just out of curiosity, are you a big guy? I think the standard dosage for kids on Strattera is 1.2 mg/kg, which, for a 200-lb guy would be 109 mg. (Of course, since you can't really get a 109 mg dose, docs tend to go with 100. 120 should be safe, actually, but I would go with what the doc says. )

Yes, I am 6'4" and right at about 200lbs. I think I got the 1.2mg/kg from your post in another thread. I came up with the same numbers. I also have a high metabolism. I know 120mg should be safe for me, but my doctor told me that 100mg was the highest we would go with it before trying another med.


broK 11-14-04 12:54 AM

James, yes,i guess you coud say strattera is my first med...actually i was dx'ed as bipolar at first & i cant remember the 1st drug they gave me, months later was given paxil cr, weaned off that months later because the thinking was i was just depressed & given wellbutrin.
still taking wellbutrin (450 mg/day) & strattera-80 mg.
recently, trileptal was added to the mix (starting @ 150 mg 2x/day).
dr didnt want to try any other meds yet (& i did kind of go along w/him on this)
because i was an addict for many years. even tho i been clean now for many 24 hrs, i try to use drugs i messed with (or reasonably close) as a last retort.
im just 6' even & 175 lbs, so i know 80 mg really isnt enough to give it a fair shake, & in the beginning i thought it WAS working-my brain telling me what i wanted to hear.
just impaitent for the fog to lift, tired of the effort it takes to concentrate, & all the frustration, obsession & brain junk.
thats why yr posts help...give me something to look foreward to.

My Life ADDs Up 11-14-04 11:04 AM

Today will be 1 week of taking over 100mg. My week was mixed, but the Strattera was clearly at work. The problem was a combined lack of sleep and odd side effects like tingling. Also the Strattera itself makes me tired. I don't notice actually being tired so much as excessive, almost involuntary, yawning.

I have read others posts where they have had trouble with anxiety, mood, and motivation while on Strattera. I am watching for these things, but I tend to be a little paranoid anyway due to self-confidence issues that stem from emonional and mental abuse as a child plus the results of un-diagnosed ADD.

I suspect the loss of motivation is probably more the result of not being as hyper or impulsive. I am not experiencing a clear loss of motivation at this time, but I have found myself sitting in front of the TV longer, etc. I think it's a good thing that I can actually shut down at times now. I don't think the motivation issues are so much the result of Strattera as they are made more obvious by Strattera. Before a person who would have procrastinated on boring but necessary things might not have noticed just how often they did it because they were always pre-occupied by impulses that distracted them.

That's my current opinion/theory at least.


My Life ADDs Up 11-14-04 11:09 AM

I have clear evidence of Strattera working for me. I worked on one of my models today for nearly 8 hours tonight. I haven't hardly did any of it for the several months I have had it started. This is mostly because I have to pull out a table and everything else just to get started, and the detail would wear me out after just painting three parts or so. Tonight the detail didn't phase me. I actually reached my goal before I decided to stop because I was just tired from buring both ends of my candle today. Anyway, my wife said I was obviously not even hyper-focused which would have been the only possibility of me accomplishing so much before I was on Strattera.


broK 11-16-04 05:08 PM

James, me thinks youve found an answer :D
wondering, do you think it curbs any creative impulses you have?

struggleville91 11-17-04 11:05 AM

120 Megs maybe too much for me
After reading of your great success at 120 megs, I spoke with my psychologist who stated that I should give 120 a try as a last ditch effort before going to a stimulant. I started that dosage yesterday with a 60 in the AM and a 60 in the PM. The only thing I've noticed is my blood pressure dropped to like 95/49 which is lower than the usual 115/70 that I register. I don't know if that will pose an problems though. I'm going to see my medical Dr in a month and hopefully he will give me a thumbs up on the health side.
I'm getting desperate and really would like to gain the precision focusing ability and greater concentration that you've indicated you experienced while working with your models.
Thanks for the updates and I hope all continues going positive for you.

My Life ADDs Up 11-18-04 12:45 AM


At least you talked to your doctor first. I tried it before talking to mine, and if my doctor wasn't to busy to call be back personally, I probably would have been scolded. As for my great success, unfortunately I'm on a third day in a row of little to no help from Strattera. It's discouraging, but maybe it will take a while for my new dose to register.

My doctor upped me to 100mg but only prescribed one months worth. So either Strattera is going to work this month or it will be time for me to try something else.

I have had stressful days at work this week. There has been little opportunity to oranize, etc. So basically with my ADD once things get out of hand I just can't get a grip on anything and my best hope is the next day will get off to a better start.

I don't want to discourage you, but I needed to temper my positives with this weeks negatives. It would be nice to have strattera work well, but even nicer to have something else work great. SO I will just have to wait a little longer.

There is no mistaking the times Strattera has been working for me, but I'm not going to be better off if the days it isn't working are going to be this bad. I've learned there will be bad days even with the best treatment, but I don't think they are supposed to be this bad.


emwell 12-01-04 04:48 PM

Thank you
I just needed to say thank you for starting this thread. I was on Adderal which did nothing to help me. My doctor then switched me to strattera. I have been on the strattera for a few months at 80 mg per day. I have had no side effects or good results using this medication. I thought 80mg was as high as doctors would go. It is good to know that there still hope that this med will work. I will discuss upping the dose with my doctor on Monday.

Thanks again to everyone for sharing their experiences.

Emwell (Deb)

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