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ChRoTa3 08-22-17 04:05 PM

Tips for kicking cigarettes?
I've been smoking for a year and a half. It started out at a rate of about a pack a week but eventually got to half a pack+ a day. I've had a couple of spurts, 3-7 days, of not smoking before mindlessly buying a pack while getting gas. I haven't had any physical withdrawal symptoms so that's a non-issue. My biggest problem is cravings.

To try to help with that, I bought a pack of Nicorette gum. Hopefully this'll do the trick.

Do any of you guys have tips or stories that may be helpful for dealing with cravings?

finallyfound10 08-22-17 06:00 PM

Re: Tips for kicking cigarettes?
This is what is available in IL that may be free or covered by insurance.

Good Luck!!! YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!!!!

Fuzzy12 08-22-17 07:18 PM

Re: Tips for kicking cigarettes?
What helped me was:

1. Have a very good inventive to quit

2. Once you quit keep extremely busy. Exercise and movement helped me the most. Everytime a craving hit or I got restless I went for a walk. I started swimming again and played squash for thr first time which gave me something to look forward to and something to strive for.

3. Vaping. I'm not sure I could have done it without Vaping. I only vaped for about 2 weeks but it helped hugely with the withdrawal.symptoms and cravings. It also helped still being able to go outside with my smoking buddies amd taking regular breaks. I think there's a risk that people just continuing Vaping but because I didn't find Vaping as enjoyable as smoking it was easy to quit after 2 weeks.

4. If you use smoking to take breaks find something else that is enjoyable in your break time.

sarahsweets 08-23-17 04:40 AM

Re: Tips for kicking cigarettes?
I have quit before and I am so addicted at the moment. I got sober about 4 years ago and I am so afraid of drinking I am still smoking. What worked in the past ore-alcoholism was getting rid of the fear of failure. Telling myself it was ok if I smoked tomorrow, just as long as I didnt smoke today I was doing alright, I hope to get to that point soon.

Worriedoldie 09-05-17 11:14 AM

Re: Tips for kicking cigarettes?
I started smoking around the age of 17. Around 2008 I was smoking 10 a day. In 2009 my dad in law died from cancer. That instantly made me pick up the book by Allen Carr. By page 42 I stopped smoking from one day to the next. Only fell back in once or twice because of alcohol...
My girlfriend read the book as well 6 months later and quit smoking too.

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