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mets91428 05-23-19 10:15 AM

Are non-stimulants just as effective?
Recently my psychiatrist requested for an EKG test. The results weren't good, showing that there was right-side blockage. I forget the medical term for it. Thing is though, I was a heavy smoker for years before switching over to vaping about 1.5 years ago. Knowing that Adderall and nicotine restrict blood flow, (vasoconstrictors) I'm wondering if that contributed to the results? Also, according to my doctor who did the EKG test, Seroquel is known to cause arrhythmia as well, but I was taking 50mg of it for 3 months before I stopped taking it 2 weeks ago-- personal choice of mine. Higher doses interfered with Adderall, giving nasty side effects for me.

I quit vaping not long ago, and due to see a cardiologist at the end of the month. What are the chances vitamins like Coenzyme q10 could produce favorable results for me? My idea is this, if it's true that supplement is a vasodilator, it should, over time, help with blood flow, but I'm not a medical expert or anything. If there's a blockage on either side of the heart, sounds like surgery may be needed. I really hope not.

There's more I want to say, but too stressed to express my concerns. For starters, it appears I'm one of those extreme sufferers of AD(H)D who requires higher doses. From what I looked into, those with terrible issues of focus and concentration need more medication than the average, something A LOT of doctors don't agree with.

In short, what's your opinion on non-stimulants. Has anyone found it helpful? To my understanding, it's a last resort for AD(H)D treatment, should ONLY be used if a patient doesn't respond to stimulants. Here's my dilemma. I respond fairly well to Adderall, but it's unknown if that alone is causing heart problems for me.

Just when things were looking positive, I get sidetracked yet again, and time isn't something I have much of these days. Looking for another doctor doesn't bother me. I know there are knowledge doctors out there. The downside is that the same medication which addresses my symptoms is also affecting my physical heath. If I need higher doses in order to function, I have my doubts a doctor is willing to take the risk considering my latest EKG results, even if a cardiologist clears me.

Thanks for reading.

Joker_Girl 05-23-19 11:28 AM

Re: Are non-stimulants just as effective?
Start at a low dose and titrate up?
Maybe non stimulants will work, anything is worth a try and they are much more convenient as far as having refills etc. I hoped they'd work for me, but they didn't.
Just because some folks need big doses doesn't mean you will. You might, but it's hard to say. I take a fairly good sized amount of adderall but there are people who take 3x as much. It's very personal and individual what works.
It may not bother your BP or heart rate. I don't feel speedy and my BP and pulse remain WNL when on it. Caffeine bothers me more.

mets91428 05-23-19 02:01 PM

Re: Are non-stimulants just as effective?
I did move slowly, starting at 7.5mg and increased gradually to 30mg. The problem is my doctor, who doesn't believe in going past 30mg or over the 60 DRD.

"It's very personal and individual what works."

I've read that repeatedly from other people, so when it's time to look for a new doctor, that's my first question I'm going to ask them: Do you believe in the higher dose approach? If they say no, goodbye will be my reply, not wasting my time if the conversation goes nowhere.

Something tells me once the nicotine clears from my system, not only will Adderall work better, but my body will be in better shape. I really hope so. I was one of those odd cases where the second dose worked better than the first, which usually means another increase would be needed, but this doctor is an ******* and doesn't agree with going higher than 30mg, so if I'm cleared next week I'll try my luck with another doctor. The good thing is you don't really need a psychiatrist to prescribe Adderall. I'll consider those options should these clowns fail me.

Thanks for replying, by the way.

KarmanMonkey 05-24-19 11:34 AM

Re: Are non-stimulants just as effective?
In my experience, no medication has eliminated the ADD symptoms. At best, they've brought them under control enough for me to learn and practice the non-medical stuff. One of my colleagues (a psychiatrist) said there's growing evidence that targeted CBT and DBT (therapy) by someone who specialises in ADD can be more effective than medication.

The "It's a very individual process" line gets tiring after a while, but it is true. The techniques and treatments (medical and non) that work for me won't necessarily help you. Not only is our biochemistry going to be different, but our personality, values, skills and background all play into our recovery as well.

I'd discourage you from referring to the doctors as clowns; doctors have to weigh the risk vs benefit, and with any medication, there's a tipping point where generally increasing the dose further adds more risk than benefit. Especially if you're already showing heart issues, any doctor would feel pretty crappy if they prescribed you something that made it worse.

I may be getting the wrong impression from your post, but it seems like you're looking to medication to "fix" things. In my opinion even the best medication can't do that.
While it's always good to see how far medication can help you, I also encourage you to take another look at your personal medicine:

The people you have in your life, and what you do for each other
The structure and routine in your life, and how it works (or doesn't) for you
The technology you can employ to help substitute for the pieces (especially memory) you tend to struggle with.
Exercise <- I still struggle with this one
The food you're putting into your body (the year I was able to more-or-less eliminate refined sugar was awesome... until I fell off the wagon)
The things you do in your day that speak to your values and give you a sense of purpose

I could go on, but you get the idea. Pursue every benefit medication can give you, certainly, and also explore every avenue with as much creativity and experimentation as you can muster.

Another important note: The higher the dose, the more quickly we can develop a drug tolerance, meaning a loss of benefit from the medication.

VietnamVet 05-24-19 12:20 PM

Re: Are non-stimulants just as effective?
If I hadn't had BP issues I was fine at 2 X 20mg daily for a long time.

QueensU_girl 05-24-19 03:24 PM

Re: Are non-stimulants just as effective?
Is Modafanil an option?

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