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L Giovaneli 07-27-16 10:19 AM

Recently Diagnosed NS Still got suspended from work - Help?
Hi Guys,
I am 32 years old and have been recently diagnosed with ADHD (2 months ago).
What a relief it was as I finally got an answer why I was so "lazy" at boring admin "tasks".
I went to therapy last year for personal issues and also could I could sense that I was not performing well in my job. The company I work for got bought by a corporation in January, so the pressure increased drastically.
My therapist helped a lot in my low self-confidence, but took a few other issue to deal with before she could see the ADHD symptoms clearly. I'm on meds and I can really feel the difference. Motivation is there, I'm finishing projects, meeting most of my deadlines etc. Still got a hell of a long way to go though...
For my recent problem. Soon after my diagnosis, things were not going well in my department. As I'm the manager, I had to get the blame, understandingly. It soon turned to the fact that I was not meeting deadlines. When I got Diagnosed, I reported my "personality trait" (ADHA) to my supervisor, and I told her I am aware of me not meeting deadlines and that I am getting help. I guess this did not help, because the big boss called me in to give me a consultation on meeting deadlines, and ignored my diagnoses. I also kinda lost my temper and said if she doesnt want to here my defense, she will never perfect being the GM of the company......
Bad move...... I know.
The head office big boss come and had a consultation with me. I apologized and got some responsibilities temporarily taken away from me.
For the past month, I have been working very hard. Actually meeting deadlines. Communicating with my supervisor better. I really thought I was doing well. I havn't been receiving any complaints.
Yesterday the big boss (GM) called me in and suspended me for Insubordination, Dishonesty and Threatening Conduct. I have a hearing next Tuesday.
I am so confused as to what just happened. I feel that the GM has a personal attack on me and she fabricated some lies to fire me.
All I can do is to sit at home and plan my defense. I know I haven't done anything wrong in the past month.
Do any of you have advice for me. I am trying very hard to be calm and to plan my defense without being distracted, not easy.

Tetrahedra 07-27-16 12:56 PM

Re: Recently Diagnosed NS Still got suspended from work - Help?
I really don't know how these things work because I have never been in a position such as this, but 1) Is there someone at work who can help you? 2) Can your therapist provide any resources for you? 3) Can you find out what exactly they suspended you for?

Be prepared that if they really feel (or claim they feel) that you have threatening conduct, people wouldn't be approaching you with complaints. It's not fair, but if someone is afraid of someone, complaining to them is the last thing they'll do. So be aware they might tell you that when you say that no one said anything to you.

acdc01 07-27-16 06:51 PM

Re: Recently Diagnosed NS Still got suspended from work - Help?
Maybe you should get a lawyer. I don't think most of us here can advise you well. We don't live in your country and they really didn't even explain what it is you did that they are charging you for. Plus lawyers are a lot scarier to companies than you are.

It sounds like it was your outburst and not about not meeting your deadlines they are charging you with. ADHD can cause people to have outbursts too. Perhaps a note from your psychiatrist would help as they have not given you accommodations yet. If in the US, they can't fire you for anything related to your ADHD prior to accommodation. But again, you're in South Africa so I don't know the rules and you may want a lawyer.

Overall, you should try to find yourself another job. Regardless of whether you get fired or not, I think your workplace is now a hostile one. Also, even if the laws are supposed to protect us, they rarely ever do cause companies can pretty much make up any excuse to fire you. Still, I'd get a lawyer just in case it can help you.

Sorry for your troubles and best of luck to you.

KarmanMonkey 07-28-16 11:03 AM

Re: Recently Diagnosed NS Still got suspended from work - Help?
Is there any way you can get a brief on the accusations before the hearing, or do you have to go in blind?

It might be worth getting a note from any docs or therapists you've been involved with, and to ask for representation. If you're unionised this can be your union rep. If you're not unionised, there might be an advocate of some sort for people in your position. Ask what your rights are with respect to this hearing. Get those rights in writing.

Other than that, the most you can do is to be honest. Don't volunteer information beyond the questions they ask, and it sounds like you're doing your best to take responsibility for your earlier outburst and to improve your performance. Hopefully you will have the opportunity to demonstrate that.

Regarding your outburst, you can't undo that; the most you can do is stress that you regret your actions, have done your best to take responsibility by apologising and taking steps to both address the underlying problem and to repair the relationships involved. You were upset, and felt like a legitimate medical issue was being ignored. If your leg had been broken and your GM had said "I don't care if you're still bleeding: You still have to do your normal shift" you'd probably have been pretty upset about that too.

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