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vinceptor 07-04-03 01:35 PM

Reply notification?
I have set the personal option to have me notified by email whenever (supposedly) I get a reply to a posting. I've got them for threads that I have started, but not for replies to my contributions to other peoples threads. Is that the way it is supposed to work?

Just wondering. Right now I have to remember each thread to which I ever posted and check on them to see if anyon responded to me. Maybe it's just my misunderstanding of the FAQ info.


Andrew 07-04-03 03:43 PM

You can always subscribe to a thread by clicking on the appropriate link on the bottom of a thread page.

Big Wheels 07-05-03 05:54 PM

I am pretty certain the way it works is you get emailed only if someone clicks the "reply" button on the post you made. As I am writing this in the window at the bottom of the screen, you wouldn't get a message..... (continued below)

Big Wheels 07-05-03 05:56 PM

Reply Notification
.... (continued) this time, I clicked "reply" to your posting. So I think you should have received an email for this posting.

Let me know if I'm right, cuz this is just a guess!!'


vinceptor 07-06-03 05:52 PM

OK. Thanks. I had already selected some subjects, but didn't stop to think there was probably a difference between that and the thread subscription button below.


Jonathan 09-19-03 04:04 PM

Good question, Ken, and clever of you to figure that out, Big Wheels! This is something I had wondered about too, but never worked out - there seemed to be no consistency about it. I usually write my reply straight in the box at the bottom of the page, because I want to be able to see what I am replying to, and because it's quicker and seems less "committed" (I am often ambivalent about whether to reply). Now I know that if I want responses I should click on the button (I did just now, practically for the first time), or actively subscribe, as BIG suggested.

Andrew 09-19-03 05:25 PM


Garry 09-19-03 10:43 PM

you can also goint the edit and select the selction

Email Notification: emails sent to you whenever someone replies. Only registered users are eligible

vinceptor 09-22-03 03:04 PM

Another question....

How does the reply emailing and the sender's Ignore list interact? I would assume the receiver's Ignore list would filter replies (hopefully?) but what about the sender's list....? I know this might be a rare occasion that someone got excited about a buddy's reply when the thread starter is on their ignore list..... Doe any of this make sense??????


P.S., thanks for all the good info so far!

Andrew 09-22-03 03:43 PM

My understanding is, if you subscribe to a thread, and there is a post in the thread, then you will receive notification of a new post. When you actually VIEW the thread, the ignored person's posts would be blocked.

I hope this makes sense.

vinceptor 09-23-03 12:58 AM

Yeah, I think so.

I've noticed something else....

I have email notification set in my profile, but I don't get them automatically when I post. When I edit my message after posting, I see the email notification flag is not set. I now have to edit a post after submitting it to get the flag set, each time I post.

This is very puzzling....

I have one idea so far -- I don't have login cookies set, so I have to login each time (paranoia). Are user prefs loaded into the login cookie and looked up there -- and ONLY there?


Hmmm -- very puzzling. I am editing this post to check the email flag -- it is now set to match my preference. It wasn't set for my earlier two messages today -- very suspicious......

Andrew 09-23-03 08:43 AM

The only way preferences are "remembered" is if you have cookies enabled from the forums.

vinceptor 09-23-03 11:28 PM

As I guessed....

Thanks for the help!


Andrew 09-24-03 08:50 AM

You're welcome :)

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