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ChicaLoca 08-07-03 03:38 AM

No problems in school-Please Reply
I have heard that it's possible for people with ADHD to not have problems in school at all. Yet most of the things I read and hear on television say that ADHD kids almost always have trouble in school. I have copies of report cards from every one of my school years. Grades, comments and all. I never had trouble in school. My grades were almost always straight A's. Comments read things like "Top of the class" "Very bright student, is going to go far" The only negative comments reflect organization and slight hyperactivity. I have taken many tests including IQ and basic level tests. On the IQ tests I got different scores ranging from 145-162 In school I did occasionally have difficulties in math, but thats it. And during the years I wasnt having trouble I was thought to be at a higher math level than all of my peers. One year I would be in the average math class struggling to pass with a C and the next year I would be in advanced math getting 100% on tests and As every progress report. Now, I have been diagnosed as ADHD combined type. Is it really possible to do so well in school and have ADHD or is my doctor just careless and throwing a quick diagnosis at me??

Garry 08-07-03 08:11 AM

It is possible as we all seem to have different talents and abilitys.

My school years also showed that I had no problem in school but I did not have straight "A's".

My marks were quite satisfactory and I dont recall ever studing for a test or exam and I certanly never paid attention in school.

I was never in trouble in school but I was not what would be refered to as a Model Student.

And yes I have ADD

It has been a wonderful gift for me and even more so now after I recognise that I have it

sirlan 08-07-03 08:38 AM

I didn't have any problems in school either. I didn't make straights A's but I always excelled in classes I was interested in. I always scored extremely high on standardized tests and I never studied (but that's because I couldn't keep my attention on anything long enough to study unless I was hyperfocusing on it). However, in classes I wasn't interested in, I'd do just enough to pass and that's it. My mind was always somewhere else and I didn't seem to have any control over it. I wasn't hyper but believe I have inattentive ADD and am in the process of getting diagnosed.

why 08-07-03 08:42 AM

school trouble
My experience is a bit different. Grade school - I was straight A's and so far ahead of my peers that my teachers would test and restest me to see if it was an anomaly. Secondary school things got worse - the less "supervision" there was the more likely that I would not perform. I was constantly bored, hardly ever completed my assignemnts and never studied for tests. I completed high school with a A- average. University things went to hell in a bread basket. For compulsory credits, that I did not care about - I would show up at the begining of the course, pick up the course outline, buy the books, and if the course allowed - my next visit was to write the final. Needless to say my marks slipped to somewhere around C-. At this point my depression which came and went since early highscool became quite ovewhelming. Although no suicide attepts ever sent me to hospital, there were some scary moments. I dropped out.

smooch 08-07-03 09:54 AM

When I was diagnosed, my doc (or maybe my current psychiatrist told me this) said that most people with ADHD are highly intelligent and it is quite common for us not to have had any trouble with grades in school. He said that we're just sooo smart that we intuitively develop coping skills to deal with grades. The only two "C" grades I received on a report card were in sixth grade math (I believe now that I have a math-related learning disability, as well as a terrible attitude towrad all things number-related--numbers are FOUL!!!). I graduated Magna Cum Laude from high school and Summa Cum Laude from Baylor.

That's not to say I didn't ever blow a test or assignment miserably...there were plenty of those fiascos! :D But being a perfectionist--and I guess loving to flirt with the risk of failure on some subconscious level (how sick is THAT??)--I always made sure I ended up with A's and B's on grade reports.

College was harder for me in terms of organization--all that free time was just too much for me...paralysis of will totall kicked my tail. But again, I'd always pull the A or B out of somewhere.

The media loves to vilify the ADHD image, especially in the schools. It's rare (but not impossible) to hear of/see a report or exposť on the folks/children with ADHD who were overwhelmingly successful in school or in their (usually many) business ventures. Discipline problems and classroom nightmares are much more "ratings-friendly."

LindaMatteson34 08-07-03 05:51 PM

Hi there! I'm LindaMatteson34 and I have a son who had problems in school , but the only thing is that he doesn't pay attention and stuff I wonder how he does in school. Considering that I come from a spanish background. Please let me know on how to get better at dealing with our son Davey with his school work. Thank you, Linda from Pa

Dannydorm 08-07-03 06:04 PM

no i didnt have trouble in school reason is that i had a father who was so strict abouit getting good grades that if we didnt we were in big smooch says i developed marvelous coping skills and a keen ability to hyperfocus which i did all through high school and college and so pretty much pulled off all a's and b's. but it was still hard because i had to always study twice as hard and twice as much as my classmates to get the same law school i dont think i ever saw a decent nights sleep in four groups are a norm in law school but not for me.i was afraid they would see me as different, weird studier which i was!but i always came prepared to class.

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