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roeihimself 11-06-17 01:55 PM

ADD/ADHD Medicines have changed your life?
Please bring me an example or explanation ... Thank you very much!:):)

sarahsweets 11-07-17 05:33 AM

Re: ADD/ADHD Medicines have changed your life?
My life was like climbing a mountain in the highest elevation with no oxygen. Adhd meds were like an oxygen mask so I could keep climbing.

Little Missy 11-07-17 07:08 AM

Re: ADD/ADHD Medicines have changed your life?
Whilst trudging through the moors, I came upon a sturdy staff and a big dog happily galloping ahead to lead me on.

Unmanagable 11-07-17 10:34 AM

Re: ADD/ADHD Medicines have changed your life?
Changed mine in ways I never dreamed of.

Helped me realize my body doesn't jive with me trying to medicate my way through my days in my efforts of not being who I truly am, since who I am has never seemed to fit the mold/preference of who society thinks I "should" be, no matter how badly I wanted them to work.

Side effects greatly outweighed benefits with those meds and others.

Forced me to learn how to try to manage symptoms via my fork, my breath, and my other daily choices.

As with meds of days gone by, some days are better than others, but my innards and my brain seem much more content than they've ever been, which automatically leads to a greater feeling of overall wellness, more so than I ever recall via any other methods I've tried in my 50 years of existence.

peripatetic 11-07-17 04:45 PM

Re: ADD/ADHD Medicines have changed your life?
i know you specified in your title that you're interested in how adhd medications changed our lives. i'm happy to answer that, though i'm not currently on adhd medications--but i did take them for about 15-20 years. also, i'm going to answer a broader question of how psychiatric medications have changed my life because i think it's important to realize that, for some of us, without them life would not be happening or would be happening institutionalized.

so, adhd medications...i took ritalin from the time i was seventeenish until my thirties. i've also taken dexedrine, briefly adderall,...never focalin...never strattera...

anyway, they kept me able to drive when i still had a license, because i'm either a very distracted driver or it's all like mario kart to me. they also enable me to follow conversation with someone without constantly interrupting or zoning out. so, a big difference in my ability to matriculate as well as maintain social relationships. generally speaking, i ate better, i slept more regularly, and i lost less stuff when on them.

now...psychiatric medications in general. i'll be the first to announce that i hate taking them. i take five medications and i get injections. yeah...because my **** is messed up. how do they change my life? they make it possible. i'm still alive because of them. if i didn't take them, and i know this because i've been inspired to discontinue my meds many...many...times, i end up in the hospital. sometimes for as little as 72 hours, sometimes for as long as multiple months.

without psychiatric medications, i hear voices all of the time. and they're not pleasant. except one. that gives me instructions. those usually involve cutting myself open. that results in hospitalization. i also have a lot of disturbing thoughts and i end up believing people are plotting against me. specific people. so i start running surveillance on them. this doesn't end well either. it's actually a crime to tamper with people's phone lines, mail, cable...etc.

so, to put this into perspective, adhd medications have helped me enormously. psychiatric medications in general are why i'm still alive, why i'm not in jail, and why i'm not currently in the hospital.

it's all fine and good to say that one can go without medications if we make better choices. that works for some. for me, the choice is different. i can take psychiatric medications or my choices are severely limited. i have a small girl. having her is incompatible with my suicide, self surgery, incarceration, or institutionalization. so, as much as i'm loathe to admit it--and i am, believe me...i have fought taking meds for two full decades--they have changed my life by making it possible. it still sucks a lot sometimes and they're not perfect, but the alternative is, for me, incompatible with living and living in "freedom".

ChRoTa3 11-07-17 05:29 PM

Re: ADD/ADHD Medicines have changed your life?
They've helped me a lot with impulsiveness and long term goal orientation. This has been most noticeable in my academic life. I used to miss assignments and skip class a lot because something else sounded more fun even though it was essentially valueless. They've also made more attentive of my health (going to the gym, eating right, etc.). I'd like to scale back though. I delved a bit too deep into the medical journals. lol

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