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Greyhound1 12-31-17 07:11 PM

ADHD & New Years resolutions
Does anyone do this successfully? I gave up on resolutions many years ago. It got old letting myself down and others every year.

My thoughts, feelings and desire can all be there before the resolution begins. Soon after my brain sabotages me and totally changes my thoughts, feelings and desire & motivation to continue.

Some past resolutions, I planned for months flopped within hours.

The only resolution, I’ve ever been able to keep so far was giving up on New Years resolutions.

What are your experiences with resolutions?

WhiteOwl 12-31-17 08:37 PM

Re: ADHD & New Years resolutions
Same exact experience. Could have written it myself. It still feels good to start a new year and hope I can develop better habits, but I know I'm only kidding myself, lol. I saw a FB post by someone with ADHD that I follow, that said something like our life is just one big list of resolutions that we can't keep. What makes us think a new year will change anything? Lol. But there's always that shred of hope, at least for me. The potential is there, at least.

cobain67 12-31-17 10:08 PM

Re: ADHD & New Years resolutions
Every day is chance for resolutions to be put into place.. IMO I don't see New Years as any special time for setting goals or making positive life changes... Self improvement is a steady, consistent effort, and is based on intuition coupled with the bigger picture mostly--at least speaking for myself..

PoppnNSailinMan 12-31-17 10:12 PM

Re: ADHD & New Years resolutions
I've hardly ever done New Year's resolutions before. But I was thinking of trying one this year!

A couple of months ago, having just started ADHD meds again (Vyvanse), I decided to try out a bunch of time management and productivity apps on my phone and on my computer with the hope that new meds + apps + determination might actually allow me this time to learn to manage my time better and get more done.

So, I installed Todoist and Microsoft Outlook on my phone and on my desktop. And there's also Google Calendar which I had used in the past, but I decided to try and use more often.

For a couple of weeks, I was really good each morning at checking the to-do tasks I had assigned myself in Todoist and I even got some of them done. And then I saw my new therapist about 6 weeks ago and told him what I was doing. But since then, I've hardly looked at my to-do list and haven't added any new tasks and I keep getting notification on my phone reminding me of tasks that are more than a month overdue and still need to be done.

So, I feel like maybe I should make a New Year's resolution to push myself to try out these apps again so that I can organize my time better. And perhaps I can get my new therapist to put a little pressure on me, too. He's committed to providing me with 9 months of therapy, so I'd hate to miss an opportunity to make some changes in my life and learn new habits when I've got maximum support for doing it.

aeon 12-31-17 11:40 PM

Re: ADHD & New Years resolutions
I'm still finishing off stuff from my list circa 1998, so once I'm done with that, I'll get back to this thread. :lol:


ldk_13 01-01-18 12:02 AM

Re: ADHD & New Years resolutions
I'm in the same boat as everybody else and don't care much for new years resolutions. But I think the reason why people fail so often and so hard is because they set too big of goals that realistically could never be achieved. When I try something new like I different routine I start with small goals to see where it goes.

stef 01-01-18 04:45 AM

Re: ADHD & New Years resolutions
Same experience as Greyhound!
I much dislike new year's day;
my mom did her best with christmas when i was little, (anxiety and past events), she would always " undecorate" the house on Jan 1 and happily say how relieved that things were " back to normal".

The last three months of 2017 were so amazing, with diagnosis and meds; and so today, although already dark and cloudy, i have chosen happy things to do. I learned on saturday evening that my dear friend is pregnant! so i'm going to look up easy baby blanket crochet patterns :)

and perhaps reread A Christmas Carol.

Little Missy 01-01-18 09:30 AM

Re: ADHD & New Years resolutions
hahaha, I liked the 'flopped within hours' Greyhound.

I've never done the resolution thing. That I can remember.

midnightstar 01-01-18 12:26 PM

Re: ADHD & New Years resolutions
I don't bother with new years resolutions, they're hopeless.

Fraser_0762 01-01-18 12:34 PM

Re: ADHD & New Years resolutions
No takeaways or fast/junk food for me this year. This time next year i'm going to have a proper mans body.

Unmanagable 01-01-18 01:58 PM

Re: ADHD & New Years resolutions
Happy New Now!! I'm of the same mindset as cobain, in that every day is a new chance.

I finally learned the more I try to meticulously plan, the less chance I have of accomplishing whatever it is, so I just roll with the flow, while trying to remember I'm the one at the wheel, regardless of the obstacle course.

The time of year I decide to make a change doesn't matter as much to my brain as my current overall state of being, which ultimately determines my response-ability chances....there again, it all goes back to being a daily choices thing.

Trying to conquer and commit to a list of perceived "shoulds" when I'm nowhere near ready to tackle them is similar, in my mind, to shooting myself in the foot repeatedly. No thanks.

My initiative apparently doesn't care to follow the typical calendar days and traditions society tells us to follow...thank goodness...or I'd be even more scattered, very similar to days gone by that I don't wish to revisit, if at all possible.

PoppnNSailinMan 01-02-18 03:33 PM

Re: ADHD & New Years resolutions
In terms of New Year's resolutions, I kept one of them this morning.

One of the things I do a lot when I'm home is that I'll get up in the morning and turn on my computer about 7:30 or 8:00 AM with the intention of only being online for a little while (not more than an hour) before doing some other things that need to be done such as making myself some breakfast, walking the dog, feeding my parrot, etc.

But more often than not, I'll lose track of time and the next thing I know, it's already noon and I still haven't had anything to eat yet, nor has the dog been walked or the parrot fed.

So, one New Year's resolution is that I'll always fix myself breakfast, feed the bird, walk the dog and do a few other chores before I ever turn on my computer. It's much more difficult to disengage from what I'm doing online once I've got sucked in than to not turn on my computer first thing in the morning in the first place.

Well, this morning I waited to turn on my computer until after I had done some chores! Now, I'll have to see if I can make this into a habit.

sarahsweets 01-02-18 05:06 PM

Re: ADHD & New Years resolutions
Mine are always general and personal. I have the same one as last year... to be a better person than the year before.

Barbrady1 01-02-18 06:16 PM

Re: ADHD & New Years resolutions
Mine are usually the same....

- Stay in a job for more than 3 months
- Get into shape
- Make a friend/ or friends
- Learn a skill
- Get a girlfriend (who isn't my ex)
- Move out

It's usually around this time that I have given up on accomplishing any of those mentioned above for another year though....

excelsior 01-02-18 08:13 PM

Re: ADHD & New Years resolutions
I wanna learn to surf.

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