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Vex187 01-03-18 01:47 PM

Medications help curb sleepines/flat on dex?
Hi all,

I seem to be one of those people who can fall asleep for an hour or 2 after 10mg of dex and once it starts to kick in and feel pretty flat on it. Everything else is far better than anything ive been given over the years... Just oddly too relaxed, which is sorta enjoyable for a change, but it wont be when uni starts in 8 weeks so i need to get it sorted.

What options are there that can help lift me up energy wise? Im in oz so my only other choice in terms of stimulants is ritalin and i much prefer dex even still. Dont feel depressed at the moment so dont think its that, just prefer to sit around reading something.

Armodafinil is an option here if my doctor will prescribe it but after doing some reading sounds like mixed reports and most people dropped it. Otherwise i have no idea really, happy to hear whatever people have found or heard/think works.

In addition to the dex ive take bcaa/essential amminos, l-carnitine, and just the usual mag/zinc/b/multi vitamins. Also tried 1tsp of Baking soda which was great in that it makes it last longer but no change in the area i need it. Caffeine usually bring on anxiety so thats gone now too. Anyway any help would be great so i can at least see my GP with some choices.


sarahsweets 01-04-18 06:11 AM

Re: Medications help curb sleepines/flat on dex?
For people that do well with amphetamines but experience what you do, adderall sometimes is a good alternative. Its till an amphetamine but it contains levoamphetamine as well which is responsible for PNS stimulation(basically a kick in the booty). It can help counteract that feeling if you do get it. Dex is straight amphetamine. The other thing is dose. Perhaps you need a higher starting dose than you are on.

Vex187 01-04-18 07:12 AM

Re: Medications help curb sleepines/flat on dex?
Yeah i would try it but its not approved here in australia, cant even get l-dex inhalers so short of doing a breaking bad which would never happen theres no options there. I briefly saw a few posts around mentioning approval to try import adderall but got met with a massive wall of bureaucracy and i dont deal with clutter well so i'll just ask about it when i see my GP next.

Can only ask but seems like a lot of work for a trial and error test though, not sure if my doctor would even be open to it so was really hoping something else like wellbutrin or anything really could be taken alongside of it to help. Even though I know my dr trusts/believes me as he's known me for a while and seen what stuff i struggle with, theres still a lot of stigma associated with these meds and always feel worried that if i ask too much it'll get taken away despite all the things it helps me with. As it is now i had to agree to random drug tests just because i was in a rehab 11 years ago, plus was met with all these warnings about something as small as getting a replacement script off a different doctor as it'll be viewed as doctor shopping and i'll be banned for life, so really dont want to push things with our nanny state govt.

Little Nut 01-04-18 02:32 PM

Re: Medications help curb sleepines/flat on dex?
Hi Vex, MY $0.02 is don't try to potentiate the effects of the Dexedrine per se. If you want more motivation try some coffee, but be very careful/deliberate at first until you figure out how much you can tolerate. I don't normally drink coffee anymore, but I can get by w/ 1 large cup in the morning when I just have to have some coffee. A second will have me vibrating for 4-6 hours. Don't fully understand it, but there is some kind of synergy between Dex and caffeine. -LN

Vex187 01-05-18 04:00 PM

Re: Medications help curb sleepines/flat on dex?
Thanks, not trying to potentiate it as it doesnt seem to be beneficial. Only thing ive read into is how to help reduce tolerance as i they dont allow more than 40mg a day here, helps make it last longer but its not any stronger.

Have always drank a lot of caffeine but ive had top ween off it since being on dex as it just makes me jittery and get anxiety, and i still crash. Ritalin was like this if i took 10mg at a time, but 20mg x 3 max per day was fine in terms of sleeping. Just too many side effects so maybe when i can go up with dex it'll sort itself out.

If it doesnt its still the best solution ive found, if i didnt feel so relaxed that im drowsy and apathetic it would be perfect really. I'll ask my Dr about Modafinil and Wellbutrin but maybe as sarahsweets suggested something similar is all i need. Ive since found out i can get focalin and vyvanse in australia without the special approval to import drama so might give them a try if none of this works.

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