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dirusali 03-08-18 03:29 PM

Is Vyvanse duration a huge lie?
Hi guys

I have tried Vyvanse myself and researched its mechanism of action.

Please guys, correct me if I am wrong but basically the only difference I can see between taking Vyvanse and taking pure Dexamphetamine (Dexedrine IR for example) is the 1-2 hours that takes to break lisdexamphetamine molecules and convert them into Dextroamphtetamine.

So, obviously the duration of Vyvanse action should be maximum 1-2 hours longer than dexedrine. If dexedrine IR lasts 5 hourse then Vyvanse lasts 5-7 hours. Period.

So Vyvanse 12 advertised hours of action sound like a joke to me.

Am I missing something or they are just openly lying to us with Vyvanse?


Lunacie 03-08-18 05:55 PM

Re: Is Vyvanse duration a huge lie?
Vyvanse did a study of adults that shows that Vyvanse lasts 14 hours.
I don't know if this study has been replicated. But a controlled study is often
very different from everyday life. Everyone metabolizes meds differently, and
many report anything from 6 to 8 hour duration, with a few saying that they
get 10 or more hours of coverage.

sarahsweets 03-09-18 05:56 AM

Re: Is Vyvanse duration a huge lie?
Well at least I do not have to disclose my bias against vyvanse in this thread. I hate it. It never seems to last as long as its purported to. Shire has the patent and its grossly expensive (even though oversees there is a generic) its heavily marketed as THE solution to taking those pesky pills more than once a day. Its heavily marketed towards children. It takes a couple of hours to work. Its the weakest mg per mg of all amphetemines. Dexedrine already exists, and in people who do not tolerate it well there can be extreme moodiness and awful headaches. I could go on and on. But no, OP you are not imagining things.

Lash107 03-09-18 07:26 AM

Re: Is Vyvanse duration a huge lie?
Vyvanse was quite disappointing for me. It didnít start working for at least two hours and it always wore off by ten I was benefitting from the medication eight hours, maximum. I switched to Adderall IR and have had better results. Good luck.

Little Nut 03-09-18 11:28 AM

Re: Is Vyvanse duration a huge lie?
My understanding is the reaction of interest occurs in your bloodstream and it does not ALL happen at the SAME time. I look at it as the Vyvanse is metabolized to the amphetamine over a period of time. Then in-turn the available amphetamine is metabolized over time. I never looked into the kinetics of the reactions involved, but it seems reasonable that when compared to taking a single dose of Dexedrine IR the effects would be spread out over a longer duration. How long a duration I have always assumed is different for each individual. -LN

tristmegitus2 03-10-18 01:50 PM

Re: Is Vyvanse duration a huge lie?
One of the things that suppose to make Vyvanse be really long lasting and act as a non abusable alternative to Adderall is how the formulation consists of a Lysine amino acid cleaved to the detroamphetimine. Since lysine is a amino acid, the dextro does not enter your blood stream through your stomach but becomes metabolized by your liver which slowly turns the dextro in a useable form for your body to use. For me I did not really get the 14 hours of coverage like it said. The length to me was just the same as an instant release tablet which I honestly cant tell the difference between instant release and long acting. I was on 40mg vyvanse which I couldn't afford so I switched back to what I was originally on which was 20mg Adderall twice a day which I never really bothered discussing the change until I found I a Np that I feel comfortable with and have an established patient-doctor relationshionship with. The lysine was very smart for shire to formulate into the stimulate since its provides what a lot of users say as a smooth come up and a smooth comedown which when I was on it, the comedown was really smooth somewhat more smoother than the instant release Adderall but I tolerate comedowns pretty well. The studies that shire did to estimate the length of effect of vyvanse was on patients who ate a certain protein diet. Protein to my understanding allows the liver to excrete more of the enzyme that breaks down the lysine so your body will have more bioavailability of the dextro from the vyvanse.

simon1959 03-22-18 06:12 AM

Re: Is Vyvanse duration a huge lie?
Just about to start taking Vyvanse and have studied it in depth. Basically I understand that its different to Dexedrine in that you could take loads of Dexedrine and be off your face where as with Vyvanse, no matte how many you take it will not get you any higher than just taking one as the chemical is only allowed in to your brain so much at a time. Sound very clever to me and perhaps not a bad thing.

PoppnNSailinMan 03-24-18 06:39 PM

Re: Is Vyvanse duration a huge lie?
At least for me, Vyvanse is working well so far. I've been on it for about 7 months. It usually kicks in about 45 minutes after I take it and lasts about 13 hours. I haven't tried any other amphetamine based stimulants, so can't compare. But the Vyvanse is far better and much smoother than the immediate release Ritalin I was put on initially.

aeon 03-24-18 07:37 PM

Re: Is Vyvanse duration a huge lie?
Vyvanse isn't converted all at once, so it isn't a question of adding 1-2 hours.

Also, Vyvanse is made stronger, like Dex, by taking more than one.


Funky1 03-24-18 10:24 PM

Re: Is Vyvanse duration a huge lie?
I agree with Sarah, Vyvanse is garbage in my opinion. I got 5-6 hours of actual therapeutic benefit, if you can even call it that, and then a wicked crash.

I think Simon may be confusing the fact that it's specifically formulated so that it can't be used in a way that changes the delivery time, in other words you won't get anything from opening a capsule and snorting it. One of the main selling points they advertised when it first hit the market was that it was "abuse-proof," but that doesn't mean you can pop them like tic tacs and not end up in the ER. Or worse...

Greyhound1 03-24-18 10:29 PM

Re: Is Vyvanse duration a huge lie?
To me Vyvanse worked exactly like Dex ER/Dexedrine. It was just a way over priced version for me.

aeon 03-25-18 12:03 AM

Re: Is Vyvanse duration a huge lie?
Vyvanse was just like Dexedrine CR Spansules for me, except it came on a little slower and faded away a little slower...when I took 3 x 60mg capsules. expensive, so weak.


paper_flowers 03-25-18 01:29 PM

Re: Is Vyvanse duration a huge lie?
I'm sorry you're struggling with Vyvanse. I had a love/hate relationship with it. I loved that it gave me such good energy and it did last a solid 12 hours. There were only some days where I didn't really feel it or it didn't last as long. Unfortunately, it didn't help me with focus/inattentiveness, so now I'm trying out methylphenidate. I hope you find something that is helpful to you and know that I'm right there with you. The struggle is real!

PoppnNSailinMan 03-30-18 11:50 PM

Re: Is Vyvanse duration a huge lie?

Originally Posted by Little Nut (Post 1988029)
My understanding is the reaction of interest occurs in your bloodstream and it does not ALL happen at the SAME time.

Yes, this is correct. Vyvanse is metabolized in the bloodstream and not the liver. I've been taking Vyvanse now for almost 8 months and I read quite a bit of material about it when I first started. As I've posted before in another thread:

According to David W. Goodman, "Lisdexamfetamine Dimesylate (Vyvanse), A Prodrug Stimulant for Attention-Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder," Pharmacy & Therapeutics 35 (5) (May 2010):


LDX [i.e. lisdexamphetamine] is rapidly absorbed in the intestine. Conversion of LDX to the active metabolite d-amphetamine occurs primarily in the blood through enzymatic cleavage after active absorption of LDX from the GI lumen.
I've also read another article by Michael Pennick, "Absorption of lisdexamfetamine dimesylate and its enzymatic conversion to d-amphetamine," Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment (3 June 2010) which also says that lisdexamphetamine is absorbed intact into the bloodstream and then metabolized there in red blood cells with the amino acid lysine being cleaved off of the dextroamphetamine by enzymes.

columbo 04-06-18 08:01 AM

Re: Is Vyvanse duration a huge lie?
Starter doses have a shorter duration of effect. Shire doesn't make this very clear at all, so people often start it expecting a long duration that only applies to higher doses.

Taking it on an empty stomach also makes a difference and shorten its duration of effect. I take it with a light breakfast which makes it last a bit longer.

I find that 50mg lasts me between 10-14 hours, depending on what I've eaten, whereas 30mg only lasts me between 5-8 hours. 70mg lasts me about 16 hours.

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