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livinginchaos 12-09-09 07:07 PM

Posting Recommendations
Hi everyone!

There are many of us who have a hard time reading various types of posts (brick wall, no punctuation, etc), so I thought I'd compile a "how to write a post" thread. This isn't a guideline or anything, just some friendly advice that will help you get more responses to your posts.

1) Write in paragraphs. It's very hard to read a post that is one huge paragraph. It's easy to get lost in a word wall. Often, people see a wall of words and run away! This is one way to ensure people won't read your post. If you are seeking advice, please write your post in paragraphs!

2) Use punctuation! There are many many people here who don't use periods. They are your friend, really! Run on sentences are just like a wall of words. No punctuation also makes it harder to determine what exactly it is you want out of us (for a reply).

3) Don't use a light text color. Some of us actually have an easier time reading a post if it's in a variety of colors, others have a hard time with it. Whatever you do, please don't write in yellow or some other light color.

4) NO SHOUTING! All upper case letters means you're shouting or yelling. If you write in all caps, people will make the assumption that you're mad and yelling. If your intention is to emphasize, then use italics, bold or underline options.

5) Specific Titling. Generic titles won't get you anywhere. Be specific. You'll get more responses if people have a basic idea what your post is about, through the title.

6) Smilies + Sarcasm. If you're being sarcastic, use the smilies or directly tell us you're being sarcastic. It's very hard to interpret written dialogue, so if you're tongue-in-cheek, smilies are your best friends.

Any other post writing recommendations you all want added to the list?

Kiddder 12-09-09 07:12 PM

Re: Posting Recommendations
....and use spellcheck durn it!

Here is my sarcastic smiley :)

FrazzleDazzle 12-09-09 07:17 PM

Re: Posting Recommendations
Hop over to the "Go Advanced" button below the Reply Text, then while there prior to final posting, hit "Preview." This gives your post how it's going to look on the thread, and you can finalize, spellcheck, change your mind, edit away, before the post locks in for good a time later.

chips 12-09-09 07:25 PM

Re: Posting Recommendations
Understand that people have different points of view & try not to take them personally. Life experience, science etc can lead to a wealth of useful information.

If you feel upset or hurt then walk away. A heated discussion/debate are a great way to express views but personal attacks are not healthy or of benefit for anyone.

peripatetic 12-09-09 08:15 PM

Re: Posting Recommendations
hi livinginchaos,

this is a great idea! i don't have another addition, but i honestly cannot emphasize enough your first point to use paragraphs.

perhaps it would be useful to include more about why using paragraphs is so important? 100% of the time that i see something more than, say 5-7 lines long, i skim it *at best*. if it's just an opinion on the topic then thorough reading might not be as crucial, but those actively seeking input need to be extra careful on this point. i'm not proud to admit this...but the vast majority of the time i see a wall of text, i just move on; it's too difficult.

perhaps also note, with the paragraph thing, that at least one member (me:)) would rather you just hit 'enter/return' mid-thought than bunch up all those words into an impenetrable block.

again, great idea!!

ginniebean 12-09-09 08:24 PM

Re: Posting Recommendations
I am an offender over punctuations.. when I get going.. it's one LONG sentence. I am going to look for an add on for my browser

That being said the worst for me is the one long paragraph of text with no spaces to break it up.

Excellent post!

ADHDTigger 12-10-09 01:45 PM

Re: Posting Recommendations
When participating in discussions that are heated or heading that way, try to remember to write your post in longhand first. I keep a pad of paper next to the computer and when I know my blood pressure is heading for the stratosphere, I write out what I want to say- generally in red.

After an hour, go back to it. Is that still how you feel? Generally the answer will be 'no'. Make your edits and walk away again. When you can organize your thoughts in a manner that fits the guidelines, post.

I am also in the habit of reaching out to someone else and sanity checking my reactions to things. Sometimes that is someone on the board, sometimes it's someone in my life. Either way, taking that minute to check my feelings with another person can be incredibly helpful.

For all of the excellent advice in this thread, remember that there are going to be times when you just can't. Not saying that it is a good thing, just saying that it happens. Beating yourself up about those times isn't the best way to deal with it. Heaven knows that I am as guilty of knee-jerk reactions as anyone. If I dwelt on them, I would never post. Like any good choir, the voices each of us brings is important.

Chaos- you took the thought for this thread right out of my mind. Glad you did- I have thought about posting something similar recently and never got around to it.

peripatetic 12-11-09 01:21 AM

Re: Posting Recommendations
i actually have one based on a post i just saw!

please avoid the frillier script/calligraphy fonts. i literally cannot read it. i don't know if this is a problem only for me, for adhd people in general, or if it's a consequence of being dyslexic, but, seriously, it's absolutely unintelligible to me.

(now i wish i could suggest to those online vendors that they not require you to 'input the script in the box below' in order to buy something. it doesn't matter how many times i click for a new set of letters, in the end i have to get someone else to decipher it. background colors/patterns + oddly-shaped letters = peri is functionally illiterate...)


formychildren 12-27-09 02:46 AM

Re: Posting Recommendations
yes, I agree- sometimes it's almost not worth looking at. :-)

livinginchaos 03-10-10 10:24 PM

Re: Posting Recommendations
I've noticed an increase of people posting a "wall of words" and people also wondering why they're not getting any responses.
Usually, it's because you wrote your post as a "wall of words"

People - please break up your posts into paragraphs so they're easier to read. You won't get as many responses if you don't.

Thank you :)

~Ødd~Scr~θθball 03-11-10 06:26 PM

Reply To: Posting Recommendations

I'd say ~in addition, to the other excellent suggestions posted~there are those of us who have serious vision problems and find it near impossible to read the smaller font sizes so please consider this as well when posting. 14 point or larger is fine. Of course, I realize there are those who are farsighted and prefer the smaller size fonts......H'mmm?
Something for everyone! Good Deal! ;):D

I love the fact we can format our posts: It adds that extra dimension of fun to posting. Don't you, think?
........Now if we could only change the colors on our post backgrounds......?! That would really be :cool: :D :D :D


Dizfriz 03-14-10 12:08 PM

Re: Reply To: Posting Recommendations

If you are using either Microsoft Explorer or Firefox, the alt + or - key will make the screen and thus the font larger or smaller.



krb388 04-22-10 01:01 AM

Re: Posting Recommendations
Remember to read the FAQ page before you start writing a post.

Mesaana 05-07-11 10:22 PM

Re: Posting Recommendations
if you do get into an argument with another fellow forum member,and they are really bothering you, do not forget that there is an ignore button. :)

everyone has a different perspective on things, and it is important to remember to respect that. in an ad/hd forum where everyone is welcome and almost any topic is up for posting about, it is likely that you will find posts that you disagree with or are offensive to you.

i think the most important thing to remember, is that when all is said and done, this is a support forum. we are all here to help, to share, give advice, and often have fun. try not to get involved in petty arguments (like i have, in the past...). helping others is more important that trying to "win" an argument, or come up on top.

Wookiee 10-20-13 02:05 PM

Re: Posting Recommendations

Originally Posted by FrazzleDazzle (Post 816741)
Hop over to the "Go Advanced" button below the Reply Text, then while there prior to final posting, hit "Preview." This gives your post how it's going to look on the thread, and you can finalize, spellcheck, change your mind, edit away, before the post locks in for good a time later.

Even after I have read, re-read, re-structured and re-worded it 5 times already ? :p


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