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Adult ADD/ADHD vs. ABF (Alternative Brain Function)

As I read these forums the diversity of symptoms and the numbers of people being diagnosed as ADD/ADHD is causing me to think more and more that what we are all referring to could be called something else that has less social stigma and could actually be viewed as an asset for certain careers. Hallowell addressed the subject in his books. We have an Alternative Brain Function. Some of us are able to pass thru life unscathed and successful while others drift in the wind seeming to never find land. Let a clinical depression set in and what was once manageable quirkiness becomes life altering excesses.

I myself avoided getting the correct help for 5 years because I had only my nephew's ADHD to compare my ADD symptoms to. Whereas had my nephew's therapist suggested I might be checked for ABF, I can guarantee that I would have looked that up on line right away, not 5 years later when my life was in a shambles! Also maybe this would force those lazy doctors that want to say ADD/ADHD in adults doesn't exist to wake up and study a new finding or two!!

Am I really off-base or does anyone else understand what I'm trying to say? And maybe you can say it better!
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