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Exclamation No problems in school-Please Reply

I have heard that it's possible for people with ADHD to not have problems in school at all. Yet most of the things I read and hear on television say that ADHD kids almost always have trouble in school. I have copies of report cards from every one of my school years. Grades, comments and all. I never had trouble in school. My grades were almost always straight A's. Comments read things like "Top of the class" "Very bright student, is going to go far" The only negative comments reflect organization and slight hyperactivity. I have taken many tests including IQ and basic level tests. On the IQ tests I got different scores ranging from 145-162 In school I did occasionally have difficulties in math, but thats it. And during the years I wasnt having trouble I was thought to be at a higher math level than all of my peers. One year I would be in the average math class struggling to pass with a C and the next year I would be in advanced math getting 100% on tests and As every progress report. Now, I have been diagnosed as ADHD combined type. Is it really possible to do so well in school and have ADHD or is my doctor just careless and throwing a quick diagnosis at me??
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