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Like right now I'm a little my LD friend and I were supposed to talk tonight and he agreed and everything, but I call and....empty house!!!

But I know two things: 1) he doesn't mean it 2) he def cares about me but doesn't show it in the same way as other friends might. He doesn't say, oh you are my best friend, or I'm just crazy about you or anything like that, but it is more in what he does, because he is a do person and how he trusts me. But it isn't easy. And it would be harder I think if you are living with someone, because your lives are much more interdependent.

I wonder if either of you have read that excellent book on relationships by Jonathan Scott Halverstadt: ADD and Romance. It's really exceptional. I'm sure without it I wouldn't be enjoying the relationship I have with my friend right now. Er, except for this exact moment. (chuckle)

Yeah, it can be frustrating, but he's worth the extra effort. Having your own goals and interests is definitely adviseable. Otherwise you spend too much time focussing on him/her and not enough on you. And I gotta say, you're treading on dangerous ground if you're a fix it/can do person, because you can't and er can't with someone else. I think you're just setting yourself up for hurt and disappointment on that angle.

Just my perspective, but I'm always looking for tips for improvement myself!!!!
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