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Thanks for the insight you all provided. I actually have the book ADD and Romance on order. I hope it will provide further insight for me. I was actually told by someone once that I am an idealist - so, you can just imagine the nice little added complications ADD brings into an idealistic romantic world. :P

I've actually started therapy of my own today...for my own reasons. I was hesitant because I had a very bad therapist from when my parents sent me to one back when I was an adolescent. I figure this will help me though. I think I found a good one. I would recommend this to you, at_wits_end, especially because it's involving anger...and becoming explosive at that. I've known people who have ended up in troubling circumstances because of their anger.

You are right in saying it "cannot be fixed". I wanted to post that in my last message but forgot. Funny thing is, as incredibly frustrating and indirectly hurtful as it can be at times, I do enjoy the many qualities that are probably ADHD related - like cleaning not being a top priority (as I said before, I hate cleaning and it's nice not to have someone nag me about it...), I love travel and so does he, so he'd be willing to experience new places with me without hesitating (BONUS!!); I love to try new things and keep life interesting. He does too. I love playing games and ditto for him. When he gets goofy, it makes me feel okay when I get goofy (finally, someone I don't have to pretend to be all prim around - yay!). He understands when I need my time away because he needs his time away as well. I keep in mind all of those things when I get frustrated. Plus, it just melts my heart when I look at him sleeping quietly at night. (I know, weird).

I just wish it didn't take away the affection...that's the big down-side to me. But, in time, I will learn to deal with that as well.

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