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Re: Hearing things wrong/trouble making sense of things

My mind drops entire words all the time! I have no idea why... One time my dad and I were talking in the car and he said 'We aren't allowed to wear those sneakers at work. Someone slid and got hurt." and I thought he said -I- wasn't allowed. I got pretty mad, because we don't even work for the same place, let alone the same company so how would he know what I'm allowed and not allowed to wear? And then he said something else and -yet again- an entire word just -dropped- mentally, and I never even heard it. It's the only way I can explain it, I just don't hear some of the words...

Originally Posted by Spacemaster View Post
YES! I can't think of examples right now, but it happens to me all day every day. My mother complained about me all the time, saying "I never listen". In reality, I could be looking at her, trying real hard to listen, but I still didn't hear properly. Check out Auditory Processing Disorder. I am convinced that I have it.
That... I wonder if I should check into that. That sounds like me sooo much!
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