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Re: Hearing things wrong/trouble making sense of things

i have almost the opposite problem: i'll be in the middle of a conversation and make a complete fool out of myself because i can't, for the life of me, remember what the name of a relatively common object is...for instance, i was recently on the phone with my sister and the conversation went something like this:

"i'm just about to head out the door, but i'm having trouble deciding ones to wear."

"which ones of what?"

"you know, those things you put on your feet?"




"no. well, kind of -- i mean, they're a certain kind of shoe -- you know, the kind that people wear to picnics a lot?" (LMAO)


"no. well, flip-flops are similar, but i'm talking about the dressier know, the kind you can wear with anything? i think it begins with a v."


"very funny smart *** -- yeah, sandals, dammit!" (and here, i'd been staring at a pile of sandals the entire time).

and this scenario happens EVERY DANG DAY , regardless of the subject or the person i'm speaking to. -- but the really odd part?? -- adderall makes the problem even *worse*! but the benefits of adderall greatly outweigh the negatives, so, i guess i'll just go around being an air headed clown for the rest of my life.

btw, i've read that such problems with "word finding" are commonly one of the first symptoms of alzheimer', if that's true, i've had the beginnings of alzheimer's for decades already.
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