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Re: are there meds to control PTSD?

Originally Posted by Draga View Post
I have PTSD among other problems but have no medication to treat it.
Hi. I've a friend who is a police officer and has lost friends to PTSD. One of the programs he believes in, involves a trained dog. It helped a police officer who almost killed himself that my friend knew. I've another friend who trained to work with rape victims using art to treat their PTSD.

<-- Assuming that dogs get along with you.

I've heard some people, presumeably doctors, (in Canada, a doctor can prescribe it), believe that medical marijuana helps with "something" but I'm unsure if it is flashbacks. (Flashbacks are a side effect for regular marijuana users so maybe it doesn't). <-- Note - in keeping with rules of this forum, I'm only recommending this if a) it's legal in your state and b) if a doctor prescribes and c) if the same doctor doesn't have a better alternative.

I did try google and your health service has lots of information about several medications on this link.

Hugs if they are acceptable to you. Whatever your survived through be it work, violence or an accident, I hope you will beat it.
Disclaimer: I've not been medicated. I know meds work for some ppl but not how well they work. By default my bias is to work with not against our nature. Do what works for you.

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