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Re: Amphetamine and Pain: pain reception dysfunction and psychopathology

Originally Posted by C15H25N3O View Post
I have a lot of chronic pain from my spinal discs narrowing nerve-channels and forcing pressure on nerves causing spasms and heavy pain like a spinal disc prolapse. Amphetamines indeed can have some positive on nerves by activation but amphetamines also contract muscles which ends in spasm and also can deactivate nerves. If amphetamine was a muscle relaxant no one would ask for a massage. The most important receptor for pain seems to be 5-HT3 of serotonine system which is most affected by psychedelics.

In my experience the relieve of pain has enormous effects on ADHD as pain means a lot of distraction and inattention.
I used to get Magnesium infusions for muscle spasm/contracture, but eventually had too much vein collapse and I started looking like a pin cushion.

Have recently had DRG neruomodulation implant and using ionic liquid magnesium--This is keeping my spasms at bay.

I swear by Magnesium for spasms. But many of the supplements on the market don't work
Natural News has a breakdown of the various types
The Best and Worst Froms of Magnesium to Take As A Supplement

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