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Re: are there meds to control PTSD?

I struggle with PTSD symptoms too, and I've found a lot of relief in medications. I started taking clonodine to prevent night terrors and nightmares and to my surprise, it actually worked. I would only recommend taking them at night though because it makes me really tired. It's actually a blood pressure medication but I guess it lowers adrenaline etc. I wasn't having great luck with SSRIs or SNRIs, most helped with anxiety but made me really tired or wouldn't help my mood. My last try was Effexor, the one Ive heard for years not to take haha, but it's the one that actually works very well for me and works really well with my dexedrine too, it prevents the edgy feeling I used to get from dexedrine. Other than that, there are short term anti-anxiety meds, etc but they're harder to get, addictive and are not a long term solution.

One thing I will say too though, is that although I've found a lot of relief from medication, medication alone isn't enough. I'm also in counselling, I've done some trauma programs and have a very good support system, and together that and my meds have been a big help.
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