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Red face Re: Nuvigil or Provigil taken with Adderall, Vyvanse, or other Stimulant

Also curious about this sort of combo because my doctors agreed that adding 150mgs Nuvigil to my already 70&50 mg Vyvvanse/ day and 600 mg Wellbutrin Instant release.... couldnít do the XL. I have good luck with focus and - hence - motivation to achieve things w/ Vyvvanse more than any other treatment; but it doesnít help make me not tired. Some days, I canít even drive with out nodding off at the wheel ó even though they I may have not been the slightest bit tired prior.

So Iíve recently started the combo and am pumped to NOT FIND myself with the jitters and so far it has helped me personally not get so tired from doing tasks that are repetitive, too overwhelming, etc that have me asleep . It helps Ė me at least- with two different issues all together. ZVyyvanse = focus, able to get stuff done if have energy,my true self ( before I got sick) and Nuvigil= Awakened.

Other thoughts on those taking their similar combo?

Oh my armodafinil was much higher than it pops up on Google ($239/30 pills).
And mine came from WalóMart $596 for the same quantity which also happened to be the cheapest price for 50 miles around. So not much of a generic! Vyvvanse is down to $360 and they used to be the most expensive (and still a brand name)
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