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Re: Impulse control and sweets

Originally Posted by Mcosta21980 View Post
Ok, so I take him to the store and he picks out his snacks. He picks brownies. I give him a brownie with dinner, right along with the food. I read that putting all foods on the same playing feild will eventually make sweets less taboo. I made sure he ate before bed and this morning I go to wake him for school and he’s covered in pure sugar, his bed, his floor, everything covered. He took the container meant for baking or coffee and went to town. I don’t even understand how that is enjoyable. I am starting to be convinced it’s the Focalin. Has anyone else’s child been on Focalin and had major sugar almost irrational sugar cravings?I feel a little lost.
Oh were to start.

1. I have to ask what your glitch is with sweets? You are actually having a plan about making them less taboo? Why are they taboo? Kids are kids, I'm at a loss as to what the purpose of this is UNLESS your kid was morbidly obese at age 8
2. Perhaps this sugar is a rare commodity thing you have going on in your house is making him want it more? Forbidden fruit and all that.
3. My daughter did the same thing with flour once. It wasn't to eat it, it was to play. You are right that eating straight up granular sugar is going to loose it's appeal really quick, but are you sure he just wasn't trying to play with the forbidden item?
4. If it wasn't you, you would laugh. I can only imagine waking my 8 year old daughter up and her being covered in sugar. Of course I would moan and there would be a lot of WHY, WHYYYYYYYY!!!! But in the end I think I would find it amusing.
5. If you are that concerned with sugar change the program to applesauce, fruits, smoothies made with frozen yogurt...etc.

We went to my mom's house about 5 years ago, so I had a 10 year old and a 3 year old then. She made pork chops and served it with applesauce. My kids were SOOO confused why dessert was being served with dinner, my mom thought it was pretty funny that I gave them applesauce and fruits for dessert and they didn't complain.

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