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Super disturbing behavior changes in new school

My 16 year old daughter has ADHD and is treated with a pretty low dose (10mg) of Focalin. (The low does is our doing, we have always tried to put "downward pressure" on the dosage, alerting teachers to our plan so that they could watch for behavior changes) We have chosen to shelter her most of her life. She's went to a catholic school until 6th grade, then a more fundamentalist christian school for 7-9th. Then....a new school opened that she just had to be part of. It's a charter school called Snow Pond Arts Academy in Sidney Maine and is performing arts focused. We didn't make this decision willy-nilly; she was getting some bullying and ostracization (as with her previous school) so we thought it was a prudent choice. Unfortunately, the (ahem) "range" of children at this school means she is getting exposed to a few things that her sheltered childhood has made her unaware of. She's getting to know kids that live with grandparents because their parents are in jail, 15 year olds that have had abortions and miscarriages, etc. Suddenly we're hearing hints that she may have deliberately skipped a class to cheat on her boyfriend (an amazing young man). Then the final nail was finding a 5 page journal entry of "shades of gray" type material that she wrote to (???) that would make your toenails curl. The school does not (cannot) monitor the kid's moves because it's at a music campground that has buildings spread out (much like a small college campus). There's way too much opportunity, and I'm not talking about "opportunity for advancement". It's breaking my ********* heart. We're about to pull her out (which will break her heart) and homeschool for the rest of her junior and senior year but I'm afraid this wonderful young lady is going to be pregnant by the end of the week. Has anyone experienced this sort of "alter ego" type of thing going on with their child? What did you do? Thank you.
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