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Re: Mild AD(H)D, Moderate AD(H)D and Severe AD(H)D

Originally Posted by Fraser_0762 View Post
To be honest, I haven't met very many people who don't at least meet the mild criteria. I find it hard to envision someone with absolutely zero impairments in every aspect of their lives. But then again, it's something i've never experienced before, so being that way doesn't seem "normal" to me.
Very interesting!

Considering people with..

-Perfect self-regulation skills
-Moderate self-regulation skills
-Mild self-regulation skills


-Severe deficits of self-regulation
-Moderate deficits of self-regulation
-Mild deficits of self-regulation

If we pretend that some people have perfect self-regulation skills (true or not).

Would the people with moderate self regulation skills have at least mild deficits of self regulation?

Would the people with mild self regulation skills have at least moderate deficits of self regulation?

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