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Re: Letting go of it all

Originally Posted by Jacksper View Post
And if that doesn't happen, or if I just find something better, then I will leave. Start my own thing, or work somewhere else. Maybe even abroad, if that's what I really want (not as a sort of escape).
I think that's a great idea jacksper. People have a really hard time changing so if you can't get change in your workplace then yeah, I agree you might be able to find another place that works better.

As far as being self-employed, that takes a lot more than just your current technical skills. You'll have to be an accountant, marketer, self-motivator, organizer, receptionist, etc unless you hire out these services.

Are you able to do all that? If so and you want to be self-employed, that's great. If not, another company is a great idea.
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