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Re: are there meds to control PTSD?

I was diagnosed with PTSD symptoms after an abusive relationship (30 years old). I spiralled downhill and the next year I was diagnosed with ADHD (I was at uni), which has only gotten worse over the last few years.

I tried Ritalin, but long term, I think it has just made my brain worse. I've tried good lifestyle and clean living, but still is almost impossible to work properly.

I seem to have stumbled upon another relationship of a uniquely abusive kind, I think its triggered my PTSD again. Although, I can sleep and can feel emotions, I have a weird nervous tick from being frightened and physically thrown around.

I don't want to take medication for the rest of my days, but my current partner is trying to indicate I have 'mental problems,' I'm getting to the point, I've taken so much crap, I'm starting to lash out in response.

I don't know if what the problem is now. I know I allow too much instability in my living environments but I just don't know what to do.

I've been trying to set up a work life that allows me ultimate flexibility - work at home during my own times. But I just can't focus for long periods, or motivate towards anything I'm not into.

Am I going to be a social outcast my whole life? Useless in the eyes of normally functioning society...

I've already had trauma counselling, it didn't go super well. Counselling and tried antidepressants for a short time.
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